Snorkeling Greece: The 5 most beautiful places

In the south and southeast of Europe, you will find breathtaking beaches, fascinating underwater worlds, and enchanting snorkeling spots.

Whether off the coast of Croatia, Italy, or Greece – the Adriatic Sea, the Ionian Sea, and the Aegean Sea are among the most beautiful diving sites in the world.

Greece, as a popular holiday destination, how to get to tofino from vancouver particularly interesting for all snorkelers and underwater adventurers. The country is a state in southeastern Europe and includes several thousand islands stretching across the Aegean and Ionian Seas.

Greece, with its millennia-old culture and traditional antiquity, is often referred to as the cradle of society. Even today, in the country where about 10.72 million people live, you can still experience the significant history of the country and early Europe.

But Greece has a lot to offer not only culturally. Due to the many breathtaking beaches, the culinary highlights, and not least because of the wonderful underwater world, Greece is considered one of the most popular destinations.

What Greece has to offer for snorkelers, you will learn in this post.

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The best snorkeling places in Greece

Halkdiki or Halkdiki is a peninsula in northern Greece. The coast of this island is about 522 km long. Already 200,000 years ago, people lived in the caves of Petralona on Halkidiki. And even in ancient times, the region was extremely important for Greece.

Today, Halkidiki is a popular destination not only because of the historic atmosphere, but also because there are many snorkeling spots in the region. A total of three headlands and a variety of bays, which are very sheltered from the wind, make Halkidiki the perfect snorkeling spot.

Not far from the pearly white beaches you can already marvel at the biodiversity of the underwater world in the turquoise blue water. Also, many reefs are not far from the coasts, so you can easily reach and visit them as a beginner. At the headland of Kassandra there is also a snorkeling and water sports school, which can bring you closer to snorkeling and the underwater world of Halkidiki.

The sandy beach of Sani is also one of the attractions of the peninsula. The water here is very shallow on a particularly large area and offers even inexperienced snorkelers a wonderful experience. Also here you will not far find some renowned water sports schools.

A particularly beautiful underwater world can be found on the headland of Sithonia. After only a few meters you can observe the most colorful fish and underwater plants.

Thus, the peninsula of Halkidiki offers an immense offer for snorkelers who are interested in the colorful and species-rich underwater world and want to relax in easy-to-dive areas.


The best way to reach Halkidiki is by plane via Thessaloniki Airport. The flight takes about 2.5 hours from Germany. From Thessaloniki you can easily explore Halkidiki by bus or rental car.

In addition, Thessaloniki also has a ferry port, so that the journey by ferry would be quite possible.


Since Halkidiki is one of the most popular holiday regions in the country, there is also a wide range of options for tourists. If you want to combine your trip with a small wellness trip, you can check in at the Aristotle Holiday Resort & Spa or the Anthemus Sea and Beach Hotel Spa. In addition to great hospitality, there are many spa offers here.

Snorkeling in Corfu

Located in northwestern Greece in the Ionian Sea, the island of Corfu stands out for its rugged mountains and stunning beaches and miles of coastline.

Corfu has been under Venetian, French and British rule throughout history, so the island is home to a great cultural offer and interesting sights. For example, there are some Venetian fortresses with winding streets of the Middle Ages or French arcades.

About 100,000 people live on Corfu and due to the microclimate of the island there is an incredibly diverse flora. Many wildflowers grow here, including over 30 wild orchid species alone. Also, many of the animals living in Corfu can only be seen here, as they are endemic.

The island is also characterized by its rich agriculture, so there are many olive groves and also viticulture. Thus, Corfu is also an absolute culinary highlight.

One of the most famous destinations for snorkelers in Corfu is Paleokastritsa. There is a charming bay here. In Corfu there are so-called water taxis, with which you can get to stands that are not freely accessible. The underwater world off Corfu is particularly colorful and species-rich and with a little luck you can even discover a typical inhabitant of Greece: the turtle.

In Agios Georgios on Corfu you can also snorkel, in this region of the island there are guided snorkeling tours, so you can not only snorkel under professional guidance, but also learn a lot about the underwater world of Corfu and discover unknown places and insider spots.


To reach Corfu, you can either fly by plane or by ferry. In Germany, various airports – large and smaller – fly directly to Corfu. However, the arrival in Corfu is only possible on Tuesday and Saturday. You should keep this in mind when planning.

If you want to arrive by ferry, you can do so from Italy. Various ferry companies offer a crossing here, for example from Venice (24 hours) or Brindisi (7 hours).


On Corfu you can choose between various hotels, but also holiday apartments. One of the most beautiful accommodations is the Sky Loft Corfu Old Town. This exceptional hotel is located right in the old town of Corfu Town and is characterized by a breathtaking ambience.

In addition, there are many hotels in the immediate vicinity of the beach, such as the Grecotel Corfu Imperial or the Mayor Capo the Corfu. From here you can easily plan your snorkeling trips!

Snorkeling in Crete

Crete is probably one of the most famous of the Greek islands and is also one of the largest islands in the country with its approximately 8261 square kilometers. A total of 623,000 inhabitants live in Crete.

Crete has many enchanting sights that you should definitely visit when visiting the island for a snorkeling trip. For example, the gorge of Samaria, which offers an overwhelming panorama with its rugged rocks.

The town of Agios Nikolaeos is probably one of the most beautiful places in Crete. Here you will not only find many historically interesting spots, but also a bottomless freshwater lake in the middle of the city center or numerous taverns and harbors.

The rocky beaches of Crete may seem a little uncomfortable at first glance. Nevertheless, the beaches of Crete are among the best spots to snorkel. The underwater world off Crete is a little rougher and not as colorful as in other parts of the country.

However, there is a special biodiversity and many special animal species, such as turtles, octopuses and giant crabs. The animals are not particularly shy and like to show themselves to the divers.

This makes Crete a real snorkeling spot, especially for culture lovers and animal-loving divers. If you are looking for that special adventure, you should definitely travel to Crete.

Crete can be visited very quickly and easily. Many airlines fly directly from Germany to Crete due to the popularity of the island and the flight time is just under 3 hours. The journey takes place via the cities of Heraklion or Chania.

The range of flights is large and the airlines fly closely to Crete, so you can plan your arrival and departure very comfortably. It should be noted, however, that especially in the low season many flights take place with stopovers. Here you should take into account waiting times.


In Crete you will find a wide range of beautiful hotels thanks to the great popularity among tourists and divers. The Grecotel Marine Palace & Aqua Park, for example, is located directly on the beach. And the Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa with its spa facility is ideal for rest after a fulfilling dive.

Snorkeling in Ermones

One of the insider tips for snorkelers is clearly the place Ermones in the north of Greece on the island of Corfu. Despite its beautiful surroundings, this place is not one of the top holiday resorts in Greece and is therefore not crowded even in summer.

If you certainly have problems with an overwhelming number of other tourists at other snorkeling spots, Ermones is much quieter.

The beach of Ermones extends in a charming bay. At the beginning you will find very large stones, but they run towards the sea and give way to a beautiful sandy bottom. In the bay you will find a lot of marine animals and fish that can be observed.

You can also reach Ermones by water or in the air. If you decide to travel by water, you can board a bus from the port in Corfu to Ermones. The journey takes about 30 minutes. There is also the possibility to rent a taxi or to rent a car in Corfu Town.

If you want to arrive by plane, you can get to Ermones by taxi or rental car. The journey from Corfu Airport takes about 20 minutes. There is also a bus service.


Ermones is one of the less touristy places in Greece and therefore does not have a particularly large selection of hotels and apartments. Nevertheless, you can easily stay in Ermones directly. For example, in the Atlantica Grand Med Resort.

Snorkeling in Arillas

Another insider tip for snorkeling in Greece is Arillas. In this resort live only about 450 inhabitants and not many tourists get lost in this small but worth seeing place, which is located about 40 kilometers from Kerkyra.

Particularly interesting for snorkelers is the offshore island of Kravia. Here you will find turquoise blue water and a tranquility that makes the trip a true experience. Completely undisturbed, you can explore the underwater diversity off Arillas, marvel at the colorful fish and enjoy the fascinating world under water.

The best way to reach Arillas is via the airport on the outskirts of the island’s capital Kerkyra. From here you can easily take the bus, taxi or rental car to Arillas, 40 kilometres away. The airlines often fly directly to the airport in the high season. From the airport there are also shuttle buses to Arilla, which do not go to private addresses, but only hotels and holiday accommodations.


In Arillas, accommodation in holiday apartments is much more common than in hotels. For example, there are the Eleni Apartments, which are only 3 kilometers from the beach. Panorama Villas in Arillas also offer comfortable accommodation for up to 6 adults. The Ale & Ana Studios are particularly close to the beach. The route is shorter than 1 kilometer.

Snorkeling equipment for snorkeling in Greece

To make your snorkeling holiday in Greece an unforgettable experience, you need the right equipment. If you do not pay attention to good equipment, your dive will quickly become unpleasant or even dangerous. Therefore, you should definitely inform yourself well or choose the equipment from a specialist dealer under a competent advice.

Diving mask

One of the most important pieces of equipment of the diver or snorkeler is the so-called diving mask. However, you should not confuse these with normal swimming or diving goggles. The snorkel mask is a relatively large mask that not only protects the eye area, but also encloses the nose. As a result, adequate pressure compensation can be guaranteed.

Diving masks have large lenses that guarantee you absolute visibility into the breathtaking underwater world. Be careful never to wash your glasses in seawater before diving.

Otherwise, there is a great danger that you will get the burning salt water of the sea in your eyes. This can lead to significant irritation. So that the glasses do not fog up, you can wash them out with detergent.

Also, make sure that the edges of your diving mask are sealed with silicones. Other materials are not so skin-friendly and can quickly lead to problems. The silicone prevents salt water from entering the diving mask during the dive.

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Snorkeling wouldn’t work without a snorkel. The snorkel consists of a snorkel tube and a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is, as with the diving mask, made of very compatible and soft materials. The snorkel tube, in turn, allows you to breathe freely while diving.

It is important to make sure that the snorkel tube may be a maximum of 35 centimeters long, otherwise the so-called pendulum breathing threatens. If the snorkel tube is longer than 35 centimeters, the air you exhale cannot escape from the tube before you breathe in again.

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This can lead to serious health problems and is sometimes very dangerous. Therefore, when buying your snorkeling, make sure you have a quality workmanship and compliance with the standards.

Snorkel mask / full mask

Snorkel masks or full masks are a kind of hybrid between snorkel and diving mask. The snorkel full masks usually cover your entire face and have a built-in snorkel.

Due to this construction, it is not necessary for you to use a mouthpiece. The mask itself is enriched with oxygen and you can breathe freely. This is very comfortable, as the snorkel or mouthpiece likes to slip during diving and you have to focus on it unnecessarily or even show up. The full mask allows you to concentrate entirely on snorkeling.

Snorkel masks are also and especially suitable for children as they are so easy to handle and very comfortable. So the snorkeling trip becomes a really great family adventure.


Fins are very common in swimming and diving and are available in a wide variety of shapes and colors – depending on the area of application. When snorkeling, the fins serve to minimize the necessary effort. The snorkel fins allow you to glide through the water faster and more energy-efficiently, making your dive longer.

However, fins can also become a little difficult to handle; namely on land. You should therefore not try to walk across the beach with your fins. best travel resorts of america Ideally, you get into the water in deep places. If a previous march over flat sandy soil cannot be prevented, it can help if you go back into the water.


Is it possible to learn snorkeling in Greece?

Snorkeling is actually child’s play and you can teach yourself, but there can be many benefits to learning to dive from scratch with the snorkel. For example, you will learn how to use the right and energy-saving breathing techniques, energy-saving and thus more enduring snorkeling, and also a lot about the underwater world, the right rules of conduct, and much more.

In Greece, therefore, there are some schools that specialize in diving and snorkeling, as well as water sports in general. The Diving Center Turtle Beach, for example, offers diving courses for both individuals and groups. The school was founded in 1997 and therefore offers a high level of expertise.

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