What Are The Best Switches For A Mechanical Keyboard?

So, What are the best switches for a mechanical keyboard? The best switches for a mechanical keyboard depend on the user’s preferences and needs. Popular options include Gateron, Clicky, Linear, Tactile, and Topre switches. Other factors to consider include switch type (such as Cherry MX or ALPS), actuation force, key travel distance, sound level, and RGB lighting.

There are a variety of best switches mechanical keyboards available which offer users different levels of responsiveness and feedback. This article will discuss what are the best switches for a mechanical keyboard?


 Mechanical keyboards are the preferred choice for gaming and typing, but the type of switch you choose can make a big difference. This article looks at the different types of mechanical switches available and the benefits they offer.

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What Is a Mechanical Key Switch?

A mechanical key switch is a type of switch used in mechanical keyboard that provides tactile feedback when pressed. It is a physical mechanism that registers when a key has pressed and allows the user to feel the action of pressing the key. Mechanical switches are preferred from many gamers and typists due to their precise and tactile feedback.

Types of Mechanical Keyboard Switches

The best switches for a mechanical keyboard will depend on personal preference. Popular switches include Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown, and Kailh Box. White is another popular switch for mechanical keyboards. The Best Keyboards for Office Work. If you spend most of your time at the office, a mechanical keyboard is the best way to go. They are easier to use than standard keyboards and provide more precision when typing.

 Linear Switches

Linear switches are smooth and consistent. They provide a consistent feel when pressed, without any tactile feedback or audible click. These switches are popular among gamers because they are fast, consistent, and require less force to actuate. Popular linear switches include Cherry MX Red, Gateron Red, and Kailh Speed Silver.

Tactile Switches

Mechanical keyboard switches have become a popular choice among gamers and typists alike. There are many different types of switches available, each offering its own unique feel and functionality. Among the most popular are tactile switches, which provide a satisfying bump when pressed and offer a great balance between responsiveness and accuracy. Tactile switches are the perfect choice for those who want to maximize their typing speed, accuracy, and comfort.

 Clicky Switches

Clicky switches are a type of mechanical keyboard switch that produces a distinct “click” sound when pressed. They are typically louder than other switches, making them a popular choice for gamers and typists who want to hear the sound of their keystrokes. Clicky switches also have higher actuation force, meaning that they require more force to press down than other types of mechanical switches.

Popular Switches

Mechanical keyboard switches are the most important component of any mechanical keyboard. They determine the amount of force required to actuate a keystroke, the tactile feedback, and even the sound of typing. 

  • Cherry MX Red
  • Cherry MX Black
  • Cherry MX Brown
  • Cherry MX Blue
  • Cherry MX Clear
  • Cherry MX Speed Silver
  • Kailh Speed Copper
  • Kailh BOX White
  • Razer Green
  • Razer Orange
  • Gateron Red
  • Gateron Black

Cherry MX Reds

Mechanical keyboards have become increasingly popular in recent years, mainly due to their superior performance and durability. Among all the keyboard switches available, Cherry MX Reds are the most sought-after for both gamers and typists alike. These linear switches provide a smooth, low-resistance typing experience which is perfect for fast-paced gaming or long typing sessions. With their silent operation, Cherry MX Reds are ideal for environments where noise is a factor.

Cherry MX Blues

Mechanical keyboards have become increasingly popular among gamers and typists due to the tactile feedback they provide. Cherry MX Blues are a type of mechanical switch that is widely used in gaming keyboards. They offer a tactile bump and audible click when pressed, making them great for typing but also ideal for gaming as they provide a greater level of control over keystrokes.

Best Switches for Building a Mechanical Keyboard

Cherry MX

Mechanical keyboards are becoming increasingly popular among PC gamers and typists alike due to the superior tactile feel and performance they offer. One of the key components of a mechanical keyboard is the switch, which determines how it feels when typing or gaming. Amongst the most popular switches are those made by Cherry MX, which have become renowned for their smooth operation, durability, and range of options.


Mechanical keyboards are the choice of many gamers and enthusiasts due to their superior tactile feel and responsiveness. Gateron switches are one of the most popular types of switches for mechanical keyboards, offering a wide range of options for customizing your keyboard experience. Gateron’s switches offer a smooth, consistent typing experience with low actuation force and an extended lifespan, making them ideal for any gaming or office setup.


Kailh switches are becoming increasingly popular among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. These switches offer a great balance of tactile feedback, durability, and affordability. They come in a variety of colors and actuation force levels to suit different typing styles and preferences. Kailh switches are perfect for building your own customized mechanical keyboard, allowing you to create the perfect typing experience.


Outemu switches are a popular choice when it comes to building a mechanical keyboard. These switches are designed to provide tactile feedback and smooth keystrokes, making them ideal for gaming and typing. Outemu switches come in various colors, allowing users to customize their mechanical keyboards according to their preferences. With a long lifespan and high durability, Outemu switches are an excellent option for those looking for a reliable and customizable mechanical keyboard.

Cherry MX Browns

Mechanical keyboards are becoming increasingly popular among gamers and typists alike, due to their superior tactile feedback and clicky feel. Finding the right switch is essential for any mechanical keyboard enthusiast, and Cherry MX Browns are one of the best options available. With their moderate actuation force and quiet sound profile, they offer an optimal balance between speed and comfort. Furthermore, they are highly durable, making them a great long-term investment.

Advantages of mechanical switches

  1. Durability: Mechanical switches are extremely durable and can last for up to 50 million keystrokes. This makes them ideal for gaming and other intensive uses.
  2. Crisp tactile feedback: When a mechanical switch is pressed, it produces a distinct tactile feedback that lets the user know that the key has been activated.
  3. Customization: Mechanical switches come in different colors and actuation forces, allowing users to customize their keyboards according to their preferences.
  4. Better accuracy: The distinct tactile feedback of mechanical switches makes it easier for users to accurately press keys without accidentally pressing the wrong


  • If you’re a serious gamer, you know that having the right switch can make all the difference. For those looking for a lighter and faster feel, two of the best switches available are the Akko CS Silvers (Linear) and the Kailh Speed Copper (Tactile). Both offer excellent responsiveness and tactile feedback, allowing gamers to react quickly to their opponents.
  • Mechanical keyboards are becoming increasingly popular amongst typists and workers looking for a superior typing experience. Tactile switches offer an ergonomic and comfortable typing experience, with options such as the Glorious Pandas (Tactile, crisp) or Cherry MX Clear (Tactile, heavier). These tactile switches provide an optimal feel for those who type frequently and need to stay productive.
  • The Kailh Box Pinks (Clicky) switches offer a unique typing experience that combines loudness with clickiness. These switches are designed to provide tactile feedback and audio reinforcement with every keystroke, ensuring you get the most out of your typing experience. Whether you’re a fan of louder keyboards or prefer something quieter, the Kailh Box Pinks (Clicky) switches are sure to deliver an enjoyable experience.

To get a better idea of which switch you prefer, it is advisable to purchase a switch tester. This way, you can sample and try various switches before making your final decision. It also allows you to physically feel and hear the switches in action.

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