Lesser-Known Facts You Should Know About House Electrical Rewire

Electrical rewiring is the most disruptive and messy task you have to entertain on your property. The work comprises two stages- the first stage is about fixing the wiring and installation of the cable. On the other hand, the second stage is about making the electrical connection live by putting the front faces of lights, switches, and sockets. Learn more about house electrical rewiring from this blog.

What do you mean by “Rewire”?

Rewiring refers to the replacement of some electrical components of a building. It includes repairing the worn or torn wires and, the inclusion of additional electrical essentialities such as fuse boards, light switches, and instance sockets. You can also replace the entire electrical system of your home at the same time.

How frequently do you perform the rewiring?

The frequency of rewiring the electrical system of your house depends on the various aspects. Yet some of them are mentioned in the following for your reference:

  • Usually after a certain period of about 25 years.
  • When you face a particular electrical issue for a long time and more often.
  • If you observe a specific kind of wiring issue, especially in the case of rubber-insulated wiring.
  • When any particular electrical problem suggests rewiring. For instance, constant blowing fuses or constant tripping RCDs.
  • If you are advised of the necessity of rewiring your home during the “electrical test and inspection test”. It requires a full electrical assessment of your home.

Being the homeowner you should not neglect the electrical wiring faults as it damages other electrical appliances or may result in fire breakouts. Hence electrical wiring must be done on time.

What can be the appropriate expense of the rewiring?

As per the basic “price guideline”, the entire electrical rewiring cost of the home with 3 bedrooms is about £2500. It will take around a week to get completed. If it is a serviced apartment then the entire rewiring expense will be £1000. On the other hand, for a 5-bedroom and 2-bedroom house the price will be £4000 and £2000 respectively.

While you are about to rewire the entire home, you must ask your electrician to provide detailed quotes. Check that it states working inclusion and exclusion along with the price of cleanup, moving furniture, and other preparatory works. Comparison becomes difficult and merely possible in terms of price for offering similar jobs.

But at the same time, you have to take care of the additional expense you have to entertain for installing new electrical components. In this case, some electrical companies state its expense in their quotes while some don’t.

Who will perform the House Electrical Rewiring?

The rewiring of the house is an extensive task. As per the electrical expert, it is highly advised that you must hire a professional as well as competent electrician with electrical rewiring experience. Moreover, the electrician must be associated with any professional electrical company at the same time.

Who cannot perform the House Electrical Rewiring?

According to the electrical expert, rewiring must be done by a professional as well as a competent electrician who possesses many years of rewiring experience.

The people who cannot perform the rewire are mentioned below:

  • A qualified electrician who possesses no experience in rewiring. However, there are many who know the rewiring theoretically.
  • The electricians are not professional members of any professional electrical company.
  • The DIY enthusiast is not suitable to perform the rewiring as it can be dangerous for an inexperienced one.
  • As the report of “inspect and test” is essential, an unqualified electrician should not perform the rewiring task. It can hinder your thought of reselling your home. Even if you want to rent your property you have to answer every query of the tenants.

Common drawbacks

Let’s have a look at the regular yet dangerous drawbacks below:

  • If you opt for the cheapest quote- Numerous cheap options may be available, but you must look for the reasons why a specific electrician is offering so.
  • If you don’t check whether the hired electrician is a member of any professional company or not while thinking about house electrical rewire my house – It will drag you into the problem of house reselling. It is because you cannot show the credentials of the electrician who has performed the rewiring of your home.
  • Enhance the Protection of Your Business with a Professional Security System Installation

Haven’t kept a copy of the report of the test and inspection? It is a vital one required at the time of property insurance or selling of your home.

  • If you want to change the wiring system of the home by increasing the number of sockets, planning is a must! It may allow your electrician to consume much time but prevents you from entertaining unnecessary (extra) costs.
  • Future-proofing is also required! Along with the time, the demands of every individual change so, wiring must be done properly. This will allow your electrician to install additional sockets in the future with much less expense.

How money can be saved on House Electrical Rewiring?

Only an experienced electrician can perform the house’s electrical rewiring. Given below are the effective ways by which you can save a lot of money for rewiring your home:

  • Necessary preparation must be taken for rewiring your home such as shifting furniture, lifting carpets, removing photos from walls, and putting dust covers on upholsteries.
  • As rewiring creates lots of mess, perform the post-rewire cleanup on your own.
  • The entire rewiring of the house is time-consuming and hence you may not get the power availability for a few days. But if you insist on reconnecting it every night, then it will cost you more.
  • Lifting of the floorboards as wiring will be done under the floor.
  • Wire may be installed in the loft too so clean it on your own.
  • Post-wiring decoration like hiding the cables, making necessary holes, and much more.

Several electrical companies are there to choose from for electrical rewiring of your home. But if you are looking for a trustworthy electrician in London then, Electric Works London can be the right one to hire! We have a great team of experienced electricians who can provide you with quality electrical services within the shortest period. Call us now to know more.

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