Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

For Usamagazinehub privacy is the number one concern. Our team is devoted to providing enriched content to meet the requirements of its users. We will explain to you what type of information will be collected from you and where its use will be made.

Collected Data:

We collect your data for some purpose and there are different sources from where it gets collected. Let’s see where it gets collected and where it gets used.

From Comments:

At the end of the articles, we provide you with an option to leave a comment. When you hit on a comment you automatically provide yourself with a name and email. In our database, this information will be saved in the comment section until we delete it from there.

From contact Forms:

We provide you with contact us forms and when you fill them you write some basic info like your name, and email and it will come to us. This information will be saved for the next time.


When you comment on our post the information you added will be saved in cookies. The information includes name, email, and website. It will make it easier for you to comment on our posts. The information saved in cookies will be automatically filled in whenever you leave a comment.

Use of your Information:

We collect info from you for a specific reason and these are given below:

 The email address that you have given will be used to give the notifications of the recent content uploaded on our site.

–  It is used to detect deceitful acts.

–  It will help to upgrade the quality of content where needed.

We don’t share your information with anyone else because your privacy is our responsibility. You can get your info deleted from our site whenever you want. You just have to mail us and we will remove all your comments and other information.

Contact Us: 

If you have any questions or need more information about our privacy policy, Feel free to contact us at

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