My5 TV Activate: Easy Steps to Activate My5TV On Devices

My5 TV Activate: It is a service that channel my 5 has launched. It works on demand which means it displays or repeats the tv programs and allows you to watch old episodes on demand.

It will allow you to watch streams that are one week old. You can even enjoy the content of BBC as they don’t broadcast live. But my5 will allow you to watch your favorite programs absolutely for free. It is available to every citizen of the UK. If you want to know more details about it then Keep reading.

My5 tv Activate:

My5 TV Activate

My5 TV Activate

–  First of all, you have to create an account. Install my5 app on your TV. Open its website and enter my5 in the search section. This application will be shown on your TV when you connect it.

–  Secondly, connect your my5 with the HDMI port of your TV. After that go to my list and find my5 and then select it.

–  Then go to your account on my5 and it will start on your tv.

–  On your Roku go to the my5 app and enter your my5 account details.

–  To activate my5 tv on your Roku go to its website.

–  Login to your my5 account. After that, you need to connect your my5 tv with Roku. After pairing it you can stream my5 on your tv.

My5tv streamings:

–  For my5tv activation login to your my5 account.

–  Go to the option of my list and click on it.

–  Select the tv from the list and click on Add channel.

–  Select my5 from this list.

–  Once it is added to your Roku, my5tv will be activated and you will watch it on your tv. Connect my5 with port HDMI of your tv.

–  The process to get the app my5 tv activation is very easy. Then Go to your Roku app and search for my5 and select it.

–  If you want to add my5 on your tv log in to the Roku app. Then connect my5 tv with HDMI.

My5 tv Activate on your Android Tv:

People who have android tv can also enjoy 5tv streaming by just following a few steps given below:

–   First of all, you should have a strong internet connection.

–  The next step is to open the play store of your android tv.

–  You will see a search section there. Click on it.

–  Enter the name of the app which is “My5”.

–  Hit the download button to get it on your tv.

–  When it is installed, sign in to your my5 app account.

–  You will get a confirmation code, put it in the given field and wait.

–  Finally, you got your app my5 tv activated on your Android. You are all set to enjoy streaming.

My5tv Activate on an XBOX Device?

My5 tv is also available for your Xbox. You can easily get it by following the given steps one by one. Let’s have a glance at them.

–  By connecting your XBOX to the internet, go to the play store.

–  In the search bar type the app name My5 and hit the search button to find it.

– The next step is to download My5.

– When it’s done make an account by setting username and passcode.

–  You will receive a confirmation code and put it in the verification box and wait.

–  Your XBOX has activate app. You can now enjoy watching shows of your choice.

Final words:

In this article we have discussed My5 TV Activate: Easy Steps to Activate My5TV On Your TV. Hope you would like this article.

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