Top 9 Makeup Hacks Need To Know For The Closet Eyes

How many of you know makeup tricks on your own eyes? Well, these hacks are known after doing a lot of practice. Makeup is for balancing the features as well within no minutes. If you people have closet eyes, this blog will be beneficial because we have gathered the makeup hacks for such eyes. You might have seen big celebrities with these eyes, so have a look and do share whether these makeup hacks are useful for you or not?

Concealing and Highlighting

Do you know concealing is one of the best things for eye makeup? It is not for hiding the dark circles and other blemishes. Concealer is for brightening as well rather than giving good coverage. You can highlight it with a lighter shade as well. It helps to add more bounce to the inner corners of the close-set eyes. With highlights, you can make your area wider than this. 

Do Good with Brow

Whatever the shape of your brows, do follow this trick. Make sure you have filled the front portion of the brow to make your eyes look more close. Close-set eyes will look more close-set rather than thicken the outer portion of the brows. It will light up the face and give your eyes a wider appearance. Flattering eyebrow shapes would make a great difference in how your eyes look. 

Highlight Inner Corners

You shouldn’t apply any dark shade on the inner corner, especially when you have close-set eyes. It will make you even closer, so highlight the inner corners, and for this, you should add a pale eye shadow base in the inner corners. It will open up your eyes and make their eyes look brighter and spectacular. 

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Outward Wings

For closet eyes, you need to apply dark pencils, eyeshadows and liners on the outer part of the eyes. Avoid in-ward feline flick or darken the inner corner by dragging a kohl pencil. Go for winged eyeliner, which will get thicker on the outer portion. You should start with the thin line and make a thick wing outward.

Half Eyeliner

This is also another trick where you need to apply half eyeliner on the outer part, which gives the illusion to the inner portion of the eye area. Eyes don’t look close-set with this technique. 

Don’t Forget To Use Eyeshadow Primer

It doesn’t matter what eye shape you people have. Just apply the best quality eye makeup primer and start seeing the difference in your daily beauty routine. Primer will keep your makeup last for long hours. Just apply a small amount and blend it before applying the eyeshadow application. 

Keep The Middle Eyelid Neutral

It’s essential to keep the middle eyelid neutral, and you can apply a neutral light brown or gray to the rest of the eyes. Keep the middle eyelid neutral and avoid applying darker hues over the darker corners of the eyes. 

Go For The Smoky Effect On The Outer Corner Of Eyes

Smokey eye makeup looks good on close-set eyes, and you don’t need to be much more dramatic. People trying to create a look for the daytime should opt for light colors and concentrate on the inner and middle of the eyelid. Grab dark brown and black eyeliner pencil and sweep it over the upper lash line. Cat’s eye works great over close set eyes because it gives the illusion of extending the eye’s look. 

Apply Mascara 

Mascara can also be used as one of the best makeup tricks for close-set eyes. You should have applied some mascara all over the eyelashes and applied more to the outer corner of the eyes. Brown mascara will also have a good effect, but you should stick to black volumizing mascara to see a big improvement.

Final thoughts

These are the makeup hacks that we gathered to make your closet eyes look good. It’s easier to make your eye makeup look more balanced than usual eye makeup.

We might sometime get lazy and miss out on getting an eyeshadow primer for our makeup, but guess what, your concealer is here to the rescue. Just like your eyeshadow primer, a concealer has a blend of water, oil, and is sweat resistant most of the times, what better is there to replace an eyeshadow primer, right?

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