7 Fashion Style tips for a Working Woman

Take a moment to let that soak into. Let’s discuss how we can put our best physical selves forward in a professional setting.

The burden is on us to portray ourselves as professional, trustworthy, and powerful. It doesn’t matter whether we like it or not, our appearances are what matters. They’re the first impression people make about us. Therefore, let’s design our appearance to create the perfect impression.

working woman

It is evident that qualities such as competence, work ethic, and professionalism are extremely important. But, also, people actually judge what we stand for and what we want to be at work from the way we portray ourselves. Consider how you dress as a way to enhance your personal branding.

Take note that I am approaching this issue from the perspective of a traditional workplace. In an imaginative or artistic setting, you may have some flexibility in your uniform. However, some fundamental principles are in effect.

Let’s discuss the best way to dress for success…

Here Are Some Fashion Tips for a Working Woman:

1. Buy Quality Apparel & Pieces.

As a professional woman is likely to be well-informed about the way you spend your money. There are definitely ways to save money however, your corporate wardrobe isn’t one of the ways. While it might seem to be a bit high upfront, however, in the end, you’ll receive lots of value for your money. If the product is of high-end you’ll be able to use it over many years, which makes the cost per wear very low.


Choose quality rather than quantity. When you shop, pay close careful attention to the material and workmanship of the clothing you buy. Once you have purchased quality items, make sure you take good treatment of them. Get them tailored, have them professionally cleaned whenever necessary, and hang them up in velvet hangers (just do not use wire hangers! ) Take the shoes you own to a cobbler if they are due to be polished or replaced. Simple care can help in prolonging the life of your footwear and clothing!

Action item Do you have a trusted tailor on your list, locate one! The fit is crucial! It is important that your clothes fit snugly and not too loose. not too long, and not too short but just right. A professional tailor will aid you in this.

2. Wear Close-Toed shoes.

In terms of shoes… It’s a matter of shoes. do not know why however, something about open-toed shoes makes me feel uncomfortable in the workplace. You should save them at the pool, at the weekend, for the evening out, or any other place other than the office.

I’m less worried about whether you’re wearing heels or flats pointed-toe or round-toe shoes, however, I do believe you should wear closed-toe shoes.

If you insist on wearing shoes with open toes ensure that your feet are clean and well-groomed.

3. Don’t Put on Revealing Clothes.

I would suggest that you be aware that this is the case in two specific ways.

(1) Pay focus on your skirt or the length of your dress.

The proper length is crucial! The skirts and dresses ought to at the very least touch the upper part of the knee. Remember that when you sit down in a chair, your skirt or dress will naturally rise and make it appear shorter. Be conscious of any slits that your clothes may contain also. Do not choose clothes with high slits.

(2) Do not show the cleavage. It’s not appropriate. Also, ensure that the tops aren’t visible. Also, make sure that your undergarments aren’t visible.

There is a possibility of adding a third rule that states not to show excessive skin, and that’s for the arms. Certain office rules often do not allow sleeveless tops or demand an overcoat or sweater to cover these types. I’m not a fan of this however it’s usually an ideal idea to put on an outer layer or sweater because offices can be cold.

Professional Dress Code

Always make sure you read your employee handbook to determine the specific dress code rules specific to your workplace.

4. Don’t Put on Too Much Makeup.

As with the majority of these suggestions (and all other things that happen in our lives! ), Moderation is the key. If you are a fan of an edgy lip, you are free to try it. However, keep the rest of your look natural. Don’t overly emphasize your appearance by using false eyelashes, smokey eyeshadows, or an overflow of bronzer. Make use of your makeup to highlight the natural beauty of your face.

Concerning makeup Make sure you have an office mirror to ensure you are in good shape before going to meetings. Be sure to avoid having any lipstick coating your mouth, makeup smudges, or food particles in your mouth. Also, keep the toothbrush and toothpaste on hand just in case.

5. Put On Limited Accessory.

More is less. Also, it’s all about moderation. Accessories can either make or break an outfit. They are often the focal point of an outfit and therefore it is important to choose the best one. Select a good-quality handbag or briefcase. Instead of putting on the heavy jewelry, pick something timeless such as a beautiful pair of pearl earrings, and a plain workwear necklace.

fashion accessory

If in doubt, adhere to the KISS principle: keep it simple, clever! One of the best ideas to shop the budget-friendly accessories and fashion jewelry online is look for the timely offers that are being roll-out constantly by the emerging brands.

6. Choose Color Wisely.

In our house, we are believers in the benefits of colors as you’ve probably guessed! Therefore, even though we believe in wearing colors at work, take into consideration the psychology behind color when deciding which color to wear. Red, for instance, is a strong color however, it can also be perceived as intimidating. Consider what you’re planning to wear as you choose your outfit to go out.

Always remember that your personal style is just another method of communicating your overall message to employees. Take care of the way you present yourself and your message.

7. Don’t be Too Fashionable.

If you don’t work in a fashion-conscious environment workplace, it’s probably not the ideal spot to try out the latest fashion trends.

You’d like to radiate an air of sophistication grace, power, and elegance. If you’re a bit fashionable, your appearance could be the center of attention. Your appearance should convey professionalism and not be drowned out.

There’s nothing wrong with incorporating a new trend in a small manner. But don’t let it take over your attention!

Final Statement

Do you agree with my opinion or do you disagree with this issue? I have some opinionated views on this issue but they are based on many years of watching women in a way, undermine their professional image by showing themselves in a non-professional way, and in a fashion that is stylish. As I said consider your external appearance as a reflection of your personal image. You should create the impression you want to leave behind when you interact with anyone.

Do you have any additional suggestions or tips to provide? We’d like to hear. For now, Have a wonderful day!


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