How HubSpot Integrates With SMS with their marketing?

There are a number of benefits to integrating SMS into your marketing efforts, not the least of which is the ability to target your audience with precision. In this article, we’ll take a look at how hubspot SMS integrations to drive engagement and conversion.

What is HubSpot SMS?

HubSpot SMS is a feature that enables you to send marketing messages through text messages. It’s an important part of the HubSpot platform because it allows you to reach your customers in a way that’s convenient and engaging. You can use HubSpot SMS to send automated messages, create lead magnets, and more. If you’re already using HubSpot, or are thinking about using it, read on to learn more about how it integrates with SMS.

How HubSpot Uses SMS

HubSpot is a marketing software company that integrates with SMS to help businesses communicate with their customers. They use SMS to send out automated messages and notifications to customers, as well as send live messages when there is an important update or sale.

SMS is a great way to reach out to your customers and keep them updated on what’s going on with your business. It’s fast, easy, and affordable, and it can be used to communicate new product updates, sales information, and more.

By using SMS, HubSpot is able to reach a large number of its customers quickly and easily. Not only that, but they’re also able to keep their customers informed about important updates and events in a timely manner. This ensures that their customers are happy and have the best possible experience when using HubSpot products.

What are the Benefits of HubSpot SMS?

HubSpot SMS is a text messaging system that allows businesses to communicate with their customers and employees in real-time. When a customer places an order, for example, they can receive a confirmation message right away. Employees can also receive notifications about changes to orders or customer feedback. In addition, HubSpot SMS can be used to send marketing messages and updates to customers who have opted into your mailing list.

What are the Limitations of HubSpot SMS?

HubSpot SMS is a great way to keep your team organized, connected, and on track. However, there are some limitations to consider when using SMS for HubSpot. First, SMS is not currently integrated with CRM. This means you can’t automatically send leads and customers through your CRM as you would with email or other forms of communication. Second, SMS is not currently integrated with analytics tools like Google Analytics or Mixpanel. This means you won’t be able to track how people are responding to your messages or see how customer engagement is evolving over time. Finally, you can only use text messages for communication within HubSpot. If you need to communicate with customers or partners outside of HubSpot, you’ll need to use another tool like WhatsApp or Messenger.

Why MessageMedia?

MessageMedia has over 20 years of experience and is trusted by 65,000 customers worldwide. Our SMS for HubSpot app helps businesses create engaging mobile experiences their customers will love.

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  • Ways to use

    SMS is one of the most effective channels for high cut-through and engagement whether you are part of a marketing, sales, or support team.

    Marketers can increase conversions by 21% with automated marketing campaign workflows. Combine the power of email and SMS to deliver promotional messages to customers at the right time, every time.

    Sales reps can respond faster and close more deals by creating follow-up workflows, increasing meeting attendance by sending SMS reminders, and reduce admin time.

    Support teams can easily manage tickets, get instant alerts or triggers, and streamline systems and processes. Easily manage two-way SMS conversations and keep a record for each contact.


HubSpot is a platform that allows businesses of all sizes to connect with customers through text messages. By integrating with SMS, businesses can send updates and alerts to their customers when there are changes or new opportunities available. This way, customers don’t have to wait for lengthy emails or snail mail notifications; they can get the information they need as soon as it becomes available.

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