USA import data is a cost-effective way of finding and analyzing detailed shipping records of containers that goes into a country through all transport modes and routes. This data contains custom-based details, including; 

  • Date
  • Name of consignee
  • Address of consignee
  • Name of shipper
  • Address of shipper
  • Hs code
  • Product Description
  • Loading port
  • Unloading port
  • Foreign country
  • Weight
  • Quantity
  • Unit, and many more. 

The USA import data is solely based and compiled from bills of lading; shipping manifests filed with USA customs at US ports. It must have all the records of sea shipment at all US ports. This data is available from a particular country and readily available on any product exported from the United States by sea to any US port. 

According to US import data and analytics reports, the United States of America imported goods worth USD 2,407 billion in 2020. This is a -6.3% down compared to USD 2,568 billion in 2019. USA import data stipulates that the United States was one of the topmost importer countries globally as of 2020.

Also, in accordance with the US bill of lading data, major commodities imported by the United States include; machinery, vehicles, electrical machinery and equipment, pharmaceuticals products, pearls and precious stones, mineral fuels and oils, and photographic and optical medical equipment. This data also shows the main import partners of the United States to be China, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Germany, South Korea, Vietnam, and Switzerland. 

With an American population of over 330 million people, the value of the total US imports in 2020 was translated to about USD 7,300 in the yearly product demand from every US resident. 


Import key is a US trade data software that equips you with the essential tools to understand a company’s operating activities by using visual graphs of supply chain relationships and the rising trends in the marketplace. Import gives you full access to US import data and US trade data records of different companies and also note supply chain relationships with ease. 

Our platforms let you influence US import data to note and analyze company/supplier trading patterns, not forgetting the frequency and description of the shipped goods. This allows users to lessen risks and make productive and informed business decisions. 

In addition, the import keys’ intuitive user interface makes it easy for finding new buyers, suppliers, forwarders, and carriers. Irrespective of whether you’re seeking to develop new business relationships or make good investment decisions, the US import data and global trade data and customs records platforms are available to provide all the advantages you need. With our service, you’ll have access to the contact information of millions of buyers and suppliers via direct global and US import and export data. Aside from this, you can easily identify trends within the marketplace utilizing our US import data interface’s dynamic reporting capabilities. 

So why not utilize our intelligent software that uses US import data and global export and import records to provide you with the advantage you need to make powerful investment decisions?

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