With the Most Effective Methods to Move OST Files to PST

Users can utilize the OST to PST converter program to do a recovery cum conversion. This is a helpful approach for removing and preventing OST file corruption. Are you seeking a way to move OST files to PST files? If you answered yes, then you may complete this process with the help of an OST to PST Converter. Read the entire blog and check back with us for updates.

The OST files, also known as the Offline Storage Table, are duplicate copies of the Outlook mailbox on the Exchange Server, which is valid. When the server is unavailable, the data stored in Outlook’s mail can be accessed without difficulty. Additionally, when the user is operating offline. And the OST file, which is saved on the mail client-server, is to thank you for everything. The most wonderful feature of the OST file is when the server reconnects. Because it enables watching even when there is no Internet connection. When OST files get corrupted, all they need is the OST to PST converter program to get them out of trouble.

When corruption faults cause OST files to appear, they usually display the following error message:

“The file .ost cannot be accessed because it was set up to work with a different mailbox.”

When you try to sync your mail with a mailbox using an OST file, you will most likely get the error mentioned above. Any other mail client or server is already using it. This is the most common reason for an error like this. As the file is no longer available for synchronization. As a result, the file is automatically corrupted, rendering it inaccessible to the user.

A Solution to Convert OST to PST File

If the error must be explained in greater detail using an example from a specific context. If you alter the name of a file and try to resynchronize it with an OST file, it will fail. The method will remain ineffective and will display the previously described error.

The manual procedure is tedious and exhausting for the user. It can also be technical enough that the user does not understand the technique. As a result, third-party solutions exist to facilitate this process. The tool has a user-friendly UI for the user’s convenience. Its lineaments make the converting process for the user smooth and uncomplicated. Such a tool is reasonably priced. It doesn’t compromise on quality, and it’s also devoid of downloaded adware and viruses, as is the case with the OST to PST software converter utility.

Smart Advantage

Convert a corrupted OST file to a PST file

The free OST to PST converter program efficiently previews all data and converts only 25 items/folder from damaged OST files. To convert Outlook Offline Mailbox (OST file) with email messages, attachments, contacts, calendar items, tasks, notes, and journals, activate the full version.

Email Metadata is Preserved

During conversion, the OST to PST converter application keeps accurate attributes and information of all OST file components, such as subject, cc, bcc, sender’s information, attachments date and time, and so on. Even after conversion, the email message header and file header are preserved.


All Outlook OST Files Can Be Converted

Any version of Microsoft Outlook, including 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000, can open, view, and convert OST files. It also creates a healthy PST file that you can view later in any version of Outlook. It satisfies all OST file converting criteria.

Split the resulting file into two halves based on its size.

This OST Converter Software allows you to convert huge OST files to PST format and save PST files by size (MB/GB) as needed while converting Outlook OST files to PST. This function allows you to split a huge OST file into numerous smaller PST files.

Lines of Conclusion

In the last post, we discussed how to utilize OST to PST Converter to convert OST files to PST format. Users who are having trouble accomplishing this task will find the ideal solution in this instructive blog post. For our users, we have listed the best professional solution. Both technical and non-technical persons can use it.

We expect that after reading this task, the user will have no other questions. This tool is simple to use and requires no special skills.

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