Embarking on an Epic Sea Adventure from Trogir to Split

Where Every Wave Tells a Story

The journey from Trogir to Split is an odyssey that spans the spectrum of adventure, culture, and natural beauty. With Trogir’s medieval charm and Split’s dynamic blend of ancient and contemporary life as your backdrop, this voyage invites you to explore the Adriatic Sea’s heart. Our tours are not mere passages across water but deep dives into the realms where legends dwell, nature astounds, and every moment is steeped in the magic of discovery.

The Portal to the Past and Gateway to the Present

Trogir’s mosaic of history begins your journey with tales of mariners and merchants, while Split’s vibrant Riva teems with the energy of today’s Dalmatia. Your departure from these storied cities aboard our vessels is the first step into a world where time bends, allowing you to live moments of history and glimpses of the present in a single breath.

Island Odyssey: A Tapestry of Land and Sea

Boat trips from Split offer an unparalleled exploration of the Adriatic’s jeweled islands, each with its personality. The Blue Cave tour from Split is a journey into ethereal beauty, where light and shadow play in the crystalline waters of Biševo’s Blue Cave, casting a spell of serene wonder on all who enter. Beyond the cave, the islands of Vis and Korčula offer narratives of seafaring glory and viniculture, where ancient Greek settlements and Venetian fortresses stand as testaments to a rich, tumultuous history.

The islands of Hvar and Brač serve not just as stops but as chapters in a story of human and natural artistry. Hvar, with its fortress high above the harbor, offers panoramic views that stretch into eternity, while Brač’s Zlatni Rat beach changes shape with the whims of wind and wave, a living sculpture crafted by nature.

Gastronomic Adventures at Sea

Each island stop is an opportunity to indulge in the Adriatic’s culinary treasures. Our tours emphasize the region’s gastronomic richness, offering dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients sourced directly from local markets and fishermen. Picture enjoying a plate of grilled fish, seasoned with herbs handpicked from the hillside, as you watch the sunset over the islands, the flavors on your plate mirroring the beauty before your eyes.

Sailing Towards Sustainability

Our commitment to the Adriatic extends beyond exploration. We advocate for and practice sustainable tourism, ensuring that our journeys enrich the environment and communities we visit. From supporting local economies to employing eco-friendly boating practices, we strive to make each trip a positive force for conservation and cultural preservation. By choosing our tours, you’re not just embarking on an adventure; you’re partaking in a movement to protect and celebrate the Adriatic for future explorers.

An Invitation to Discover

As you contemplate the journey ahead, imagine the stories that await, the flavors to savor, and the sights to behold. From Trogir’s ancient harbors to the dynamic waterfront of Split, and across the azure expanse to islands whispered about in legends, this is more than a trip—it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in the heart of the Adriatic, to discover its secrets, celebrate its heritage, and partake in its timeless beauty. Join us, and set sail on a journey where every moment is a discovery, every landscape a masterpiece, and every experience a treasure to hold forever.

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