Maximizing ROI: How SharePoint Consultation Can Drive Business Growth

Every small business hopes to grow to a large size eventually. There comes a time, though, when as-you-go file management breaks. Indeed, documents will begin to disappear as soon as a business expands, and even modifications will disappear as email attachments.

We acknowledge that sharing documents on external and third-party platforms could be simpler, but doing so isn’t completely safe and could expose you to GDPR problems.

Therefore, SharePoint Consultation can be the ideal answer for you if you’re unsure of what to do when your company outgrows its current system.

Suppose you’re one of the over 100 million users who have bought or licensed Microsoft SharePoint. In that case, you’ve undoubtedly used the platform to enhance a variety of operations, such as improving efficiency, streamlining business processes, or giving yourself better access to analytics within your company.

Are you getting the most out of your SharePoint Consulting Services?

In a recent AIIM poll, nearly half of the responding firms stated that the biggest obstacle preventing their organization from utilizing SharePoint to its full potential was “lack of expertise.” Moreover, only 28% of employers used SharePoint for the whole workforce.

In addition to losing the millions of dollars spent on acquisition, the mismatch between software purchase and user adoption prevents businesses from realizing benefits like additional revenue and cost reductions.

Let’s examine what Microsoft SharePoint is, why utilizing it is advantageous, and how it might help your company.

Effective collaboration and information management are crucial for driving organizational success in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. Microsoft’s SharePoint is a dynamic collaboration platform that presents many opportunities to transform business operations, connect people, and achieve new productivity levels. SharePoint consulting services unlock the full potential of this robust platform, revolutionizing how organizations function and empowering business owners and management leaders to achieve excellence.

Effective teamwork and simplified data management are critical in today’s fast-paced corporate environment. SharePoint, a flexible platform from Microsoft, is a potent tool that helps businesses streamline their processes. Jobaaj Education.

A Brief Introduction to SharePoint Consultation

SharePoint Consultation enables business owners to streamline collaboration within their teams and across the organization, enhancing productivity, driving innovation, and fostering a culture of efficient collaboration. The SharePoint platform offers a range of customizable features and seamless integration with existing systems, revolutionizing information management, security, and scalability for IT heads.

Key Strategies for Maximizing ROI Through SharePoint Consultation

Organizations can create intranets using SharePoint that allows for central document management, searching, and archiving. SharePoint not only makes communication easier, but it also decreases emails and redundant work while raising employee satisfaction.

Four Top Tips to Increase SharePoint ROI

However, many organizations—like those in the healthcare sector, for example—are just beginning to explore the possibilities. They are falling behind other industries when it comes to optimizing their SharePoint return on investment (ROI).

In order to assist, we have put together a list of four essential pointers and best practices for people who want to lower the total cost of ownership of SharePoint, run complex models effectively, use the tool for purposes other than content stores, and use SharePoint effectively without running the risk of jeopardizing security or breaking any laws. They apply particularly to healthcare enterprises but also to many other industries where SharePoint ROI is not as strong.

1. Consolidate or get rid of outdated systems, unused websites, and redundant paperwork to save up to 40%.

Because SharePoint makes content easily accessible, it can also encourage the formation of poor maintenance and system cleaning behaviours.

Retaining duplicate objects, content, and sites that are rarely or never used is just a waste of space and makes the SharePoint tool work harder than it has to. Organizations can reduce level-1 disc space usage by up to 30–40% by finding underutilized locations and taking care of data redundancy.

2. Learn about the built-in features of SharePoint

SharePoint is more than just content storage; it has many features for corporate intelligence, social engagement, search-driven application design, enterprise content management, and teamwork. Important features that encourage deeper tool use include:

Portals: Portals enable the development of a virtual desktop that can be accessed from any device, anywhere, and simplify access by acting as a single gateway to enterprise applications.

Enterprise Search: This feature allows users to search via documents and external content stores in addition to the SharePoint repositories. It’s even expandable to incorporate outside apps.

Dashboards: A crucial component of an improvement feedback loop inside the company, dashboards enable users to simply reveal reports, KPI measures, and other analytics to increase the visibility of performance indices.

Workflows: Although the pre-installed, configurable workflows are rather basic, they can be made much more powerful and useful by using third-party add-ons that are sold for a fee.

This allows for the development of intricate business process applications like case management and clinical trial management.

Organizations can improve and standardize user experience, significantly reduce enterprise technology sprawl, and decrease the number of custom applications—as well as the time, effort, and cost associated with their development and maintenance—by utilizing SharePoint’s built-in functionalities.

3. Establish a centralized “control center” for SharePoint.

Although SharePoint’s flexibility makes it unique among development platforms, it may also be challenging to maintain.

In addition to an operating unit-level analysis, training, and administration team to support departments and projects, organizations should have a centralized team that can provide infrastructure, application development, and maintenance support.

SharePoint governance needs to include every area of expertise, including content management, hardware, and infrastructure. These intensely focused managers and SharePoint Consultation Specialists offer an economical operational team that keeps up with company requirements and environment management.

4. Implement a compliance policy that is supported by technologies for monitoring and auditing.

Users unintentionally accessing and uploading documents containing sensitive data—sensitive data in the healthcare industry can include patient data or protected health information—occurs much too frequently.

HIPAA’s security and audit regulations are broken by this, which might land a company in legal hot water.

To guarantee that the system is effectively managed and operated in compliance with rules, a person or team inside the previously described control center must be committed to creating and implementing a compliance policy and best practices.

In order to implement the policies to maintain SharePoint up and running a tactical, technically competent team is required to support the SharePoint compliance governance.

SharePoint consulting services provide customized solutions that align perfectly with an organization’s goals and processes, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction. SharePoint’s powerful collaboration features enable teams to collaborate seamlessly, regardless of their physical locations. SharePoint Consultation Specialists implement document management systems that centralize files, making it easier for employees to access, share, and co-author documents. SharePoint’s intranet portals and knowledge bases facilitate efficient information sharing across the organization.

SharePoint Consultation Specialists help clients in the automation of repetitive tasks and workflows. This helps in streamlining business processes. It also reduces manual effort, saves time, and reduces the chances of errors.SharePoint Consultation Specialists implement robust security protocols to protect sensitive data, safeguarding information from unauthorized access or data breaches.


Microsoft SharePoint development is one of the applications that has developed from the information and communication technologies age and has transformed how business operates. Numerous organizations are now able to efficiently manage their business content, share knowledge, and work together thanks to the web-enabled platform. A retailer has made good use of the technology to manage their daily operations. For the store to successfully and efficiently deliver the best business solutions, the platform has also been crucial in enabling effective and efficient project management practices. SharePoint facilitates efficient collaboration, efficient management of organizational material, and enhanced decision-making inside an organization. An overview of Maximizing ROI in SharePoint Consultation was provided in this article.

Technology Solutions’ Microsoft SharePoint Consultation Specialists can assist you with integrating SharePoint into your company and provide best practices guidance to optimize your company’s productivity, teamwork, and file-sharing capabilities.

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