Top 6 Incredible Destinations in Arizona

Arizona is an excellent experience for any traveler. It possesses a unique hot climate, desert lands, and many landmarks. You will have your time driving to Camel Mountain, meeting animals at the Phoenix Zoo, or walking in the deserted botanical garden. Do not forget to take water! We will suggest more sites worth seeing even once in our lifetime in the article!


Start your Arizonian road trip from its capital, Phoenix. It was founded in 1881 on the site of an Indian settlement. Thus, those lands breathe with history. Devote some time to learning it. Go to Heard Museum. It shares the local indigenous culture of Indians and sees where and how they lived. Then, you can see Pueblo Grande Archaeological Park see their buildings before the stark drought made them leave their home. At the same time, the city boasts of its university, resorts, and bright life on Roosevelt Street. You have to manage and see that all! Thus, preorder a vehicle in a car rental in Arizona. You can do that long ahead of your trip. If the thought came to you instantly, the last-minute car rental is to your services. 

Tonto National Forest

Visit the 2,873,200-acre Tonto National Forest. It is home to various wildlife, fish, and rare plants. The huge reservation virtuously mixes landscapes: you can arrive in the Sonoran Desert at 1,400 feet above sea level and change it to mighty pines at 7,400 feet in the Ponderosa forests. You can even see black bears there! People adore one of the largest US national parks. Instead, it offers them recreation, hiking trails, camping, and even assistance arranging weddings there. No jokes! You may come there throughout the year, and we recommend you perform preparations to do that. First, read the website, which shares schedules, tricks, and rules. Then, take a rental car, spacious SUV, or minivan, pack your baggage, and hit the road! The drive from Phoenix will last about one hour by AZ-89 N. Get some rest with all the diversity of nature! 

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is a natural wonder and an absolute must for every traveler. There are three popular entrances to the observation sites, camps, and services that offer different activities for any taste. The fastest way to get there is to take a rental car in Phoenix. Besides, Arizona car rental age begins at 21 with an applied young drivers policy. 

Navigate to the Grand Canyon National Park Sign. That road will last about four hours and 230 miles. Then, use local transportation to get to settlements that offer different activities. You may sleep in campgrounds, go hiking on numerous trails, and even raft on the Colorado River. Start to arrange ahead of your trip. There might be rules and exceptions for students. Then, come to explore the world’s mighty canyon!

Go to Las Vegas…

That is another good idea to head to Las Vegas. The place of fun awaits you after a 5-hours-drive. You can experience the bright nightlife and walk on picturesque streets. The highway US-93 N is not an easy route. You should check the weather, car, and road conditions in the first place. If you use an under 25 car rental option, you will get a trusted vehicle. Consider selecting an additional driver who can be your helping hand. 

You will cross Wickenburg and Kingman, watching indigenous deserts. Then, if you have enough time, plan to turn to Hualapai Mountain Park for a night. First, see the 8 thousand Hualapai Peak. Then, drive to Henderson and, finally, Las Vegas. You can drop off your rented wheels there. Thus, everything will be easy.

.. or to Tucson

Alternatively, you can choose a 2 hours drive to Tucson. The city is one of the fastest-growing cities in the USA. It looks like an oasis in the hot and sunny Arizona. See the Santa Cruz River, with the neighboring Mt Mica and beautiful Tucson Mountain Park. Find some time to see Saguaro, the cactus forest. You will love the place for Spanish architecture and well-preserved buildings. Attend many local museums with the Tucson Museum of Art

You will like that south state! With a rented car, you get all the freedom to implement all your dreams. Good luck! 


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