Who are the Most Popular Influencers on Instagram?

It seems like there is a new popular influencer on social media every day. Even if you are well aware of the most popular names that are out there today, there will be a bunch of new names to follow in the next few days.

This is especially true, as more accounts seem to be buying Instagram followers in order to claim that they have a large enough following in order to become a self-proclaimed “influencer” within their niche market.

In this article, we’ll look at the most popular Instagram influencers and how you can start following them for their latest photo updates and news. These individuals are Huda Kattan, James Charles, Addison Rae, and many more.

Hopefully, you’ll find something of interest and value from this list. If not, keep reading to learn more about these powerful influencers. If you’re still unsure about which Instagram influencers to follow, consider each of the tips and recommendations listed below.

Who are the Most Popular Influencers on Instagram

Whether you’re looking to boost your social media presence or want to increase your brand’s visibility, you should know that there are a variety of different kinds of Instagram influencers. There are famous A-list celebrities, as well as more modest everyday influencers. While celebrities can appeal to a larger demographic, everyday influencers are considered to be trustworthy and are more likely to be experts in their niche. They may not be paid to promote products or services, but they are widely recognized for their expertise.

The top Instagram influencers include fashion and lifestyle bloggers, including the millennial generation. Founder of Gisou Hair and featured in a Forbes 30 under 30 list, Negin Mirsalehi has over 5 million followers and has a growing influence in the fashion industry. Among other things, she has been partnered with a number of large makeup brands including Dior and Lancome.

Addison Rae Instagram

Recently, Addison Rae has posted sultry photos on her Instagram account. The model posed in black lace tights with a black leather bustier. She captioned the first series with the phrase “power.” Rae, who was born Addison Rae Easterling, also wore black sunglasses and parted her honey brown hair in the middle. While the pictures were sexy, some fans were upset with her weight gain.

Addison Easterling is a social media personality from the USA. She has over 40 million followers on Instagram and a huge following on TikTok. Her videos have earned her millions of views. She is a former cheerleader and performer. She is currently undecided about what she wants to study next. Her family is Christian and her father has a page called the Lopez boys. Her siblings are named Lucas and Enzo.

Huda Kattan Instagram

Beauty blogger, YouTube sensation, and Instagram sensation Huda Kattan has an incredible following of 17.6 million followers. This online sensation is endearingly loopy and frank about everything from her flaws to her love of color and skin care. She also shares personal information about her battle with endometriosis and her goals for the new decade. Follow her for some beauty advice! But beware of false testimonials!

A beauty entrepreneur, makeup artist, and former Vogue Arabia cover girl, Huda Kattan is also the face of Huda Beauty, the fastest growing beauty brand on the market. Her growing popularity has even landed her the number one spot on a recent Instagram Rich List, compiled by the social media scheduling tool Hopper HQ. She topped US influencers James Charles and Jeffree Star and Dutch makeup artist Nikki de Jager.

James Charles Instagram

The internet is buzzing with the latest controversy involving James Charles. The star lost over 80,000 followers on Instagram after sharing a photo of himself “tucking” on his profile. Traditionally, tucking involves pulling the male genitalia backward and securing them with tape. The goal is to mimic the appearance of a woman’s genitalia. Fans and critics were appalled and James Charles quickly lost his following.

The changes were introduced a few months ago, and Charles reached out to Instagram’s Head of Product, Adam Mosseri, but has yet to receive a response. While the numbers may seem impressive, it’s not enough to prove a quality account. James Charles’ photos aren’t reaching the number of followers he was aiming for and are being left out of feeds. He’s losing visibility and business opportunities.

Lele Pons Instagram

YouTube sensation Eleonora “Lele” Pons is a huge star with more than 20 million Instagram followers. Aside from being a popular YouTube personality, she also has a number of other social media accounts, including Twitter and Instagram. The Venezuelan-born singer-songwriter first gained popularity with her viral videos and Vines. Since then, she has cultivated a huge following on her Instagram account, where she shares her daily life in a witty and colorful style.

After the scandal that shook the beauty industry, Lele Pons has taken to a more positive stance on her appearance and style. She has been experimenting with makeup and fitness content on her social media accounts to stay in shape.

Besides sharing pictures of herself in a bikini, Lele has also been posting pictures of her natural legs. This has led to some of the most controversial comments on Instagram. In addition to her makeup, Lele Pons has also been slammed on social media for lying about donating her hair to charity.

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