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Mike Tyson is a personality who doesn’t need any introduction. His success is spread all over the world. He built his name in boxing. You will get stunned after seeing his abilities. Back in the day, a video got viral where he was teaching his son some tricks. Mike’s son got the attention of fans. They thought that he would pursue his career in boxing like his father. Since that event people are curious about getting knowledge about Mike’s son. So in this article, we will be talking about Miguel Leon Tyson. Let’s start the article.

Miguel Leon Tyson:

Miguel is the son of a very well-known boxer, Mike Tyson. He was really very famous in his time. Mike was considered the best of all boxers. His fighting skills were phenomenal and he gained popularity for this reason.

Miguel Leon Tyson biography:

He got famous because of his father. You guys know very well that celebrity kids are most liked by the media and fans. This boy was born on 18th April 2002. He is just 20 years old. If we talk about his birthplace then he was born in America and holds American Nationality.

Miguel and his siblings:

Miguel Leon Tyson is the elder son of Mike. But he also has other siblings as well. Tyson was married to Sol Xochitl and had Miguel. He had a relationship with someone else as well and had five kids. So Miguel has 5 half-siblings.

Mike Tyson:

He was a famous heavyweight boxer who had a history of failed relationships. Yes, if we talk about his married life then his first marriage was with Robin Givens who was an actress.  The marriage happened in 1988. As she was an actress he got some serious issues with Mike that became the reason for their divorce. They stayed together for one year and got divorced in 1989.

Mike Tyson’s 2nd wife:

Mike failed in his first marriage and gave Robins 10 million dollars as alimony. A defamation lawsuit was filed against him and that broke Mike a lot. He got depressed and looked for another woman. Then a lady named Monica Turner came into his life. They got married and had two beautiful kids.

Miguel Leon Tyson has two half-siblings from this lady. It is said that Mike wasn’t a good husband; he always looked for other girls. This time, being married to Monica he dated Miguel’s mom. Monica got angry and she filed for a divorce. This couple also got divorced in 2002. Their kids live with their mom.

Miguel Leon Tyson’s Mom:

Sol Xochitl was a stripper and she met Mike in a stripper club. She had a lot of money so everyone thought that she didn’t need to get married to him. But Mike dated her and she got pregnant. At that time she was bankrupt so she decided to go with him. She already had children but she gave up on them. She lived with Mike and gave birth to Miguel and later to his sister.

Facts about Miguel Leon Tyson:

  He is not dating anyone at the moment because he is not much interested in these things.

  He has no interest in becoming a boxer. Leon has totally different goals and he is working to achieve them.

  The most interesting thing about him is that he is a very down-to-earth person. He is very humane. His love for poor and needy people is insane. Miguel really loves to spend time and give money to those people. When he gets some spare time he goes to an orphanage and spends time with little kids. It gives him happiness and peace.


Miguel Leon Tyson is the son of a famous boxer, Mike Tyson. He has a very nice and impressive personality. Leon is quite different from his father in many aspects. He avoids dating and usually seems to help poor people. In today’s world, there are very few people who are kind-hearted and he is one of them. Hope you like this article.

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