Who is Blippi Wife? Full Bio, Age, Career, Net worth

Some people are fans of YouTubers, some are fans of singers and some are fans of content creators. But in this article, we will talk about a personality who is working in all these fields. He has made millions of fans with his talent. Yes, I am talking about Blippi. People are interested to know about Blippi wife and his career. I have tried to gather all the information about him. So let’s start the details with her wife.

Who is Blippi Wife? 

Blippi isn’t married yet but he has a fiance whose name is Alyssa Ingham. Back in august 2021, he posted a story that revealed that both boyfriend and girlfriend are now one step forward.

About Bilppi:

Blippi? Sounds crazy, right. This is not his original name, his original name is Stevin John but everyone knows his nickname. Blippi is very famous for creating content that attracts kids. He has various accounts such as YouTubers and also uploads content on HULU and amazon.

Stevin John (Bilppi) Career:

Stevin was born on 27th May 1988 and is 35 years old. His birthplace is Washington. In the beginning, he worked as a video editor in a small enterprise. That helped him a lot. He learned many skills and got the mastery of SEO and content creation.

Then he started to have a love for kids and he tried to do something for them. So john made her youtube channel and started to make high-quality videos and content for kids. These videos are not just fun, they contain educational content that helps kids to learn a lot of things before going to school.

What is the age of Blippi wife?

Like her husband-to-be, she was born in America. Her date of birth is May 4th,1995. She is just 27 years old and expecting a baby.

Blippi relationship with Alyssa:

They first talked online and then they talked for many months. Then Stevin asked her out. They met many times and fell in love with each other. After dating for many years Blippi proposed to her and she said yes.

They recently got engaged in august.  It is said that they started dating in 2016. Now let me tell you something interesting the couple is expecting a baby. In a recent magazine, they came up with this announcement.  Blippi was so happy and he posted a picture of an ultrasound on his Instagram. Both are so happy with each other and living together in the same house. They have two dogs.

Blippi Wife Alyssa Ingham Biography:

Like her fiance, she is also working in many domains. She was born in the United States. Alyssa works as a brand manager and social media manager, and as well as she is the producer. As you know all the fields mentioned above require great communication skills. Only those people who are experts in this skill can do it. Alyssa has great communication skills and she deals with her clients in the best way. 

Alyssa’s education:

Blippi wife is highly educated and her education is being used in the best possible way. She is a scholar at Central Washington University. She was an art student and her GPA was so good. In 2015  he joined the university and started to teach students. 

Is Blippi wife happy with Him?

Both are well educated and have their own businesses. Alyssa is a businesswoman and a scholar too. Whereas Blippi is a very good content creator. Both are very helpful and supportive of each other. She handles her accounts when he needs her support. They are very happy and enjoying their lives. They often share their cute pictures on Instagram and their fans adore them a lot.


In this article, we have talked about very talented and hardworking content creator Blippi and Blippi wife. She is also a businesswoman who supports her boy a lot. Both are really happy and living the life that they wanted. I hope you like this article.

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