Top Tourist Attractions To Visit In Cairo

Cairo is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Thanks to the architectural splendor of the Great Pyramids of Giza. Which are the centerpiece of the city’s skyline.

With its mix of old and contemporary architecture and bustling souks. Cairo is a city of contrasts. The City of the Dead, as it is referred to, is a place that is both alive and dead at once (but animated). Historic mosques, synagogues, and churches are only a few of the attractions in the city. Wondering to visit Egypt? Fret not as it is a year-round destination. Without thinking much, start planning, book emirates reservations in any class and save up to 45% off on every flight till the last minute. Take a look at the best places to visit in Egypt that you must visit during your holiday here:

Opera House in Cairo

The Cairo Opera House (Cairo Khedival Opera) has performances almost every day of the week in one of its seven theatres, so you may take in a show whenever you choose. If you’re not a fan of opera, there are plenty of other options for entertainment, including a variety of dance and ballet performances, an art gallery, an opera museum, a music media library, and an onsite restaurant.

Giza’s Great Pyramid

Though not officially located in the city, the Giza pyramids are easily accessible by bus or vehicle and are an essential must-see for anybody in the area. Only the pyramids, which date to roughly 2500 BC, remain of the original seven ancient wonders of the world. If you’d like, you may get up and personal with these magnificent structures and even buy a ticket to go inside. You may buy a ticket starting at 8:30 a.m. daily, but there are only a certain number of tickets available for each journey, so get yours before the crowds arrive.

Cairo’s iconic landmark, the Pyramid of Giza

To get a bird’s eye perspective of Cairo, make your way to the top of Cairo Tower. In addition to the observation deck and rotating restaurant, the tower is 187 meters tall. Visitors from outside Egypt must pay 70 Egyptian Pounds (about 2 Euros). In addition to the 20 Egyptian Pounds (about 2 Euros) needed for Egyptian citizens (approximately 7 Euros). During the winter, the Cairo Tower is open from 8 a.m. to noon, and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. during the summer.

The Colossus of Ramses II

Ten-meter-long, the Colossus of Ramses II towers over the rest of Egypt’s pyramids. The museum built around the statue of the reclining man has ensured that the area is well-maintained. The monument may be examined from the ground or photographed from a second-story balcony. Despite the fact that the monument is still under construction, tourists are awed by the stunning sculpture’s exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. Check out the other exhibits in the museum, as well as the Alabaster Sphinx, while you’re here.

Located at Cairo’s Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

There are 107 rooms and more than 160,000 objects at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt’s largest museum. Mummies and artifacts from the pharaonic period, some of which date back more than 5,000 years, may be seen up and personal at this museum. Tourists from foreign nations are charged LE 60 ($6.30) for entry, while Egyptian natives pay LE 4 ($0.40). Ramses II’s Royal Mummies Hall, for example, charges an extra price for visitors. Nonetheless

Never-Ending Nightmare

A staggering number of tombs and mausoleums dot the 6.5-kilometer-long City of the Dead. There are several reasons why people choose to live in this large cemetery, including the desire to be near their relatives and the fact that they have no other choice. This is one of the cemetery’s most recognizable features. To see the area’s rich cultural legacy, some visitors flock to this place, while others come to enjoy the architectural splendor of nearby monuments.

It’s a good idea to practice your haggling abilities at the Khan el Khalili market.

The Khan el-Khalili bazaar, one of the most well-known markets in the Middle East, is a must-see place for visitors visiting Cairo, Egypt’s capital city. Aside from housing hundreds of stalls selling a broad range of things, including spices, souvenirs, jewelry, gold, clothing, and handicrafts, the maze-like structure is also mind-boggling in its intricacy.

You’ll find the El-Fishawi Cafe, which has been there for more than 220 years, in the bazaar’s food hall.

Embark on a gastronomic adventure and prepare to get stuffed.

Cairo is a foodie’s dream, even if you ignore the city’s fascinating past. With so many Egyptian delicacies available in the nation’s capital, it might be a challenge to know where to begin while looking for food (in addition to popular dishes from across the world).

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For this reason, visitors to Cairo, whether history buffs, thrill-seekers, nature lovers, or admirers of art, will have no shortage of things to do. There are several tourist attractions in Cairo to suit a broad range of tastes. So, why wait? Book a trip to Egypt with AirlinesMap now and customize your travel itinerary itself. Get ready for a fantabulous vacation..!

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