5 Best hotels in Playa del Carmen

Want to enjoy the best of a Mexican vacation? Nothing gives it an edge than selecting one of the best hotels in Playa del Carmen. Get the best amenities, helpful staff, and beautiful rooms to enjoy your holidays.

What makes Playa del Carmen hotels exceptional is the number of accommodation options they have. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you will find a hotel that suits your need well. If you need an all-inclusive hotel in Playa del Carmen, you have too many options to check. Let’s check the five best hotels for all budgets:

  1. Hotel LunaSol

Hotel LunaSol is the most efficient option if you’re looking for budget hotels. Situated in the mid of Centro, it is simple to walk anywhere around Playa del Carmen during your stay here.

Rooms are clean, simple and have private bathrooms and a good balcony. The property features good gardens and a pool with a hot tub. People who have stayed here love its center of the town location and peaceful ambiance.

  1. Boutique Hotel Rato 10

For a stylish yet budget stay in Playa del Carmen, you can get a suite at Boutique Hotel Rato 10 in Centro. Rooms are spacious with big beds and a comfortable seating area with well-facilitated private bathrooms. The curtains hide floor-to-ceiling windows that look over the city to give you a good feeling about it.

It also gives you the option of multiple beds so that if you’re traveling with friends or family, you can enjoy a good deal here. The property also gives access to the outdoor pool and rooftop terrace to make your stay more happening.

  1. Serenity Hotel Boutique

A remarkable boutique hotel situated in the center of Centro, it is one of the best locations to stay if you want to be within walking range of all the things in Playa del Carmen.

Rooms are big, bright featuring elegant décor, pristine bathrooms, and good space. You can also select between different studios, but if you are with family or friends, you can choose a suite or opt for three-bedroom apartment that has big sitting area, balcony, and kitchen.

  1. La Divina by Aldea Thai

This beautifully sited boutique hotel is between the La Quinta Avenida and the beach, which rules the nightlife of Playa del Carmen, making it a remarkable option for families and night owls and offering the best place to enjoy the rich culture of the place.

Decked with fresh Thai interior design, it offers a classy finish with a rich Mexican Caribbean ambiance. The place is luxurious and gives a great feel.

  1. Hotel Cielo

The hotel has been the winner of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for five years. It is a great hotel with a beautifully tiled rooftop and different plants and excellent architectural quirks. It offers a specific level of Mexican charm with tiled floors and wrought iron railings.

How to get to Playa del Carmen in Mexico?

In order to reach Playa del Carmen in Mexico, you should fly to Cancun International Airport first. From the airport, you have several means of transportation to reach the place. However, instead of using public transportation or a taxi, you can always choose Cancun airport private transportation. They will offer you the best convenience and luxury to reach your hotel from the airport. Caribe Shuttle is one of the best private transportation services that get you to the doors of your hotel from Cancun airport.

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