Keychain as the most affordable and stylish gift option.

There are several types of gifts, from those that are exclusive to one person, for example a birthday gift that is given to someone and that is totally personalized with something that they like very much or in other cases, the gifts can be a little more generic, such as a pen or a keychain, these above all are ideal for advertising gifts or gifts for companies or organizations.

But perhaps the most popular of this type of gifts are the famous keychains and the reason why they are the favorites among all the other options is that without a doubt, keychains are the most liked by everyone but also the most popular because everything the world uses them.

Keychain options as inexpensive personalized gifts

With custom keychains you can be creative, now there are many keychain options, one of them is Photoshop keychains. The truth is that key chains are usually made of plastic or metal and oval, round, rectangular or square, then on that material and design, any design is adhered, printed or added and on top it is usually added resin to seal the design.

One of the advantages of personalized keychains that can be made with Photoshop, which allows creativity and make original gifts, for example in the case of business gifts, they can be made on both sides, on one side the logo and on the other the drawing a product or company name, or something more personalized like the company name on one side and the person’s name or the first letter of their name on the other side, it’s just about being creative.

Keychains are today the perfect gift because they are original gifts as well as being promotional gifts and above all cheap advertising gifts that with a unique and special design, will be to everyone’s taste. There is no doubt that one of the most used functional accessories for both men and women are key rings, since in the past they were implemented to organize and carry bunches of keys, preventing them from being lost.

However, with the passing of time, the functionality of these pieces has changed, because currently, in addition to serving as a key safeguard, they are used as decorative elements, whether in backpacks, purses, fanny packs, among others, giving it that personalized touch that Users are looking for so much, and there are even those who place them in their tennis shoes to give their footwear even more style.

In view of this, many people are interested in using this type of pieces on a daily basis. If this is your case, we cordially invite you to read the full post, so that you find out about the benefits of leather keyrings.

What are its advantages?

If we talk about the benefits offered by this type of accessory, we can classify them as follows:


They are safe, flexible, light and small, so it is very comfortable to carry around without fear of losing them, since the metal ring can be easily hooked anywhere.


The price to pay for this type of piece is much lower if we weigh how useful, elegant and adaptable they are.

Easy care

Being made of a natural material such as leather, they do not require extensive maintenance, just wipe the surface with a cloth to remove the remains of dust and it will be as good as new.


One more point in favor is that they allow you to classify the keys according to the use you give them, grouping them either by shape, size or color.


Custom keychain have the added bonus of looking good with any garment, be it casual, formal, or vintage. Placing a piece of leather outside the trouser pocket always creates a distinctive and classic look that never goes out of style.


Another advantage offered by these particular keychains is that they are biodegradable, because as they are made of animal skin they do not pollute the planet.


Regarding its characteristics, we can say that, although there are many varieties of leather keyrings, they all share certain properties that differentiate them from other materials.

Among them, its flexibility and resistance. This parameter has a great influence when determining the quality of the product, since it makes it light and easy to fold without losing its original shape, so it can fit in any space, such as small pockets; besides being a practically eternal accessory.

On the other hand, this material does not cause contact allergies, as they previously go through a tanning process that eliminates all the mites that could be on the animal skin. Not to mention how resistant they are to fungi.

Also, as part of their physical properties, we can highlight the thermal insulation they provide, this means that they become hot at low temperatures and tend to cool down at high temperatures.

The best alternative to give away

The wonderful thing about these accessories is that they can serve perfectly as a universal souvenir, since they are unisex pieces that look good on both ladies and gentlemen , being able to choose between different models and figures, such as the  mini heart keychain made of leather , circular , camouflaged, unicolor, personalized and more.

How to choose the perfect keychain?

If we start from the fact that a keychain is the quintessential key organizer and insurer, we could say that any model works. However, selecting just one among an infinity of designs will basically depend on the characteristics and specifications that the user is looking for.

Whether you plan to combine it with your clothes and shoes, or if you only want to use it as an aesthetic accessory for the zipper of your backpack, or if you intend to give it as a gift. There are also those who prefer to use models with a compartment to put other elements such as cards.


There are many positive points that leather keychains provide, from their versatility, to the elegance and class they convey. So, if you are thinking of acquiring one, either for your personal use, or to give someone as a gift, you can take a look at our collection, we are sure that you will love it.

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