6 Ways That You Can Make Money While Driving

There are many reasons why you might be looking to make money while driving. You could just be looking to make some supplementary income. Alternatively, you might want to spend more time traveling down the open road.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to make money while driving, this guide is here to help by showing you some of the best ways that you can start making money while driving today.

  1. Deliver Goods 

If you don’t like the idea of having strangers in your car, then you might want to consider making money by delivering goods. Sites like Shiply make it easier than ever to find shipping work.

Shiply has a database of customers who are looking for people to ship their goods for them. This means that it is easy to find and only accept the jobs that work for you making it a great shipping work solution for people that want to make money while driving without being tied down with specific job restrictions.

  1. Become a Moving Advertisement 

If you are not overly concerned with how your car looks from the outside, then you might want to consider getting your car wrapped in advertising. The biggest advantage of getting your car wrapped in advertising is that it essentially enables you to make money without even realizing it as you do not have to do any more driving than you would usually do.

Websites like Carvertise and Wrapify make it easy to connect drivers with businesses that are looking to adversities through car wrapping. Once you have connected with a brand, you will have to take your car to a registered garage to get it wrapped, and then you can start making money.

  1. Drive for a Rideshare Application 

Driving for a rideshare application is another way that you could start making money while you are driving. There are several requirements that you will need to meet before you can start driving for a rideshare application, these include:

  • A criminal record check
  • A driving records check
  • A background check
  • Vehicle age and quality check
  • Insurance check

Once you have shown that you meet all the requirements you can sign up and start making money from a ride-share application. This type of work is particularly useful for people who commute to work by driving and that live in larger cities, as it will easier to connect with travelers looking to go to a similar destination.

  1. Deliver Food 

Working as a food delivery driver is another way that you can make money while driving. There are a number of applications that you can use when you are looking to make money while delivering food, such as Uber Eats, Postmates, or DoorDash. To work for these applications, you will have to meet their requirements which usually demand drivers are over the age of 18, have a valid driver’s license, a clean driver’s license, and insurance.

Working as a food delivery driver is a preference for people who are going to be in their cars and driving during meal times and this is when the most demand for your service will be.

  1. Work as a Mover 

Another great way to make money while you are driving is to work as a mover. This is an especially useful role if you have a larger vehicle such as a truck. If you are living in a big city, where most people do not have their own car, then you might find there is a lot of demand for your services.

There are many ways that you can connect with people who are looking for someone to help them move, you could advertise organically in your local area, post on a site like Craigslist or use an application like GoShare or Dolly.

  1. Rent Out Your Parking Space 

If you are driving a lot and have a dedicated parking space near your home, then you might want to consider renting this out so you can make money while you are driving. Renting out your parking space can be a great way of making money from an asset that would otherwise be going to waste.

The amount that you charge someone to use your parking space will change depending on the demand and the area you are living in. There are lots of sites online that can help connect you to people who are looking to rent out a parking space in your area. 

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