10 convincing Reasons To Visit Australia

I’m sure you’ve already heard 101 amazing things about the land down under, but now I’m here to give you some reasons of my own… From a true blue Australian.

I love this country with all of my heart (I’m not a super crazy patriot though don’t worry), but I do think that the land of koalas and gumtrees is a place everyone must visit! Share mini vlogs from your unforgettable trips on TikTok and guarantee a high number of followers with TikTokStorm.

So without further ado, here are some convincing reasons to visit Australia so that you can fall in love with its beauty too:

We can experience all 4 seasons in one day

And that’s no word of a lie!

Specifically down in the southern areas of Australia, the country can experience all seasons in one day; one minute it will be beautiful sunshine, the next it will be hailing.

There have been times where one part of the country is experiencing flash flooding, whilst other areas are being destroyed by raging fire… Don’t worry though, that’s not very often.

I guess this isn’t a very big positive, but for the most part, our weather is pretty pleasant – especially compared to a lot of countries in the northern hemisphere – so if you like a real mix of weather, this is the country for you!

So many natural wonders

Looking over Daintree Rainforest from Mount Alexandra lookout

If you love nature, stop what you’re doing and come to Australia!

We know how to do nature best, and these are just a few of the incredible natural wonders you can experience here:

The Great Barrier Reef – (Aka. the largest living thing on earth. The most magical underwater world you’ll ever witness)

Uluru – (Aka. A 550 million-year-old rock with a 9.4 km circumference that extends several kilometers beneath the ground)

The 12 Apostles – (Aka. 12 incredible rock stacks that protrude out of the ocean’s surface)

The Daintree Rainforest – (Aka. A rainforest with a ripe old age of 180 million… The home of flora and fauna)

And yes, there’s sooooo much more. This country sure knows how to do nature well – and if that’s not a strong enough reason to visit Australia, I don’t know what is!

Our landscape is so diverse

Australia’s land is split between mountains, rainforests, deserts, cities, bushland, salt lakes and more. If there’s a landscape that tickles your fancy, I can almost guarantee that we’ve got it.

We have lots of big things

The big banana, the big pineapple, the big merino, the big avocado, the big mango, the big lobster, the big koala and more. I mean, what more do I have to say!!!

Who doesn’t want to see some giant statues of random things scattered around this enormous country? And believe it or not, these “big things” have a cult following… It would be such a shame to live your life without experiencing total madness.

We’re on the road to equality

In 2017, Australia finally legalized gay marriage… And that’s a massive step forward. In general, Australians are very powerful, passionate and strong-minded people. We stand up for what is right and that is something to be proud of!

And not to mention… Guns aren’t legal here! 

There are 10,685 beaches to explore

White sandy beach along the Mornington Peninsula – Australia

To see every single beach in Australia you would have to visit a new one every single day for 29 years!!!

We have a lot, and dare I say it… We have the best beaches in the world too! Some are covered in shiny white sand, others are famous for their incredible waves, and others are filled with crocodiles that may want to eat you…

But fret not! Most are pretty safe if you know how to swim… But if not, they’re the perfect place to relax on a warm summer’s day!

Australians love to travel

I mean, I’ve never ever been anywhere in the world where there hasn’t been another Aussie. We love to travel and there’s absolutely no doubt about it.

I guess that means we know how to have a good time… Right?!

We have the cutest animals

Echidna walking away from camera into the grass

Quokkas, wombats, echidnas and koalas – both the strangest and cutest creatures I think you’ll ever see.

Australia is pretty much full of creatures everywhere you look. Yes, some that may potentially kill you… But most are pretty friendly!

To put things into context for you, I live about an hour out of Melbourne city, and every week I’ll see most of the above animals strolling around the landscapes. Not to mention our huge array of incredible birdlife – animal lovers look no more!

We have our own language

As I’m sure you already know, Australians are known for their somewhat bogan language:

“G’day, no wuckin furries lemme put the shrimp on the barbie mate” – We also like to do the shackas, swear a lot and be very sarcastic… But we’re nice people too don’t worry 😉

We have Tim-Tams

The most delicious slice of heaven that will ever grace your pallet…

“Two malted biscuits separated by a light chocolate creme filling and coated with a thin layer of chocolate” I mean!!!!!

This should be enough to convince you that Australia is like nowhere else on earth. If you’ve never been to this country before, book your tickets and come and try some tasty Tim-Tams.

I would send everyone a taster if I could!

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