Which Control Panel And OS is Better For Your VPS Malaysia?


A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtualized, self-contained portion of a larger main server component, which is usually a robust dedicated server. Access control, security, effectiveness, and customization are the four primary areas in which Virtual Private Servers succeed.

A virtual private server (VPS) runs its version of an operating system, giving customers unrestricted access to it. Users can then install nearly any software that operates on that operating system.

The two operating systems accessible are Linux and Windows. “Which VPS operating system works best for me?” is a question that hosting support technicians are frequently asked.

This is the most important decision you’ll have to make with your VPS Server. The choice is entirely yours by choosing the control panel and OS in VPS Malaysia, as it is based not only on pricing but also on the necessities. 

Types of Operating Systems Supported in VPS Server Malaysia

VPS for Linux

When comparing the costs of the two platforms, Linux is the less expensive option because it is open source and free. Whereas Windows needs the purchase of an operating system license. As a result, the majority of Linux server software is also free.

Once it concerns control panels, Linux has more options in Best VPS Malaysia. Plesk can be used on either Linux or Windows VPS, but only cPanel could be used on Linux. Linux is a common choice among businesses and developers for this reason alone.

Linux VPS Malaysia is known for its resistance to malware and viruses due to its open-source nature. To counteract SQL assaults and script kiddies. Windows, on the contrary, will force you to install a slew of security applications.

VPS for Windows

The biggest benefit of Windows VPS hosting is the simple and user-friendly layout. Windows will be useful for VPS newbies, particularly if you are accustomed to Windows technologies.

A Windows VPS Malaysia will be a nice match in the networking world if your organization depends heavily on Microsoft applications. For maximum performance, websites created with the ASP.NET platform require a Windows VPS.

Finally, Windows has an upside over Linux in terms of remote desktop access. From your dashboard, you can access your Cheap Malaysia VPS server from anywhere. This simplifies and improves server management compared to Linux, which uses the text-based Secure Shell (SSH) interface.

Linux or Windows: Who is Better for Cheap Malaysia VPS Server?

When deciding between Linux or Windows VPS Hosting Malaysia, it’s important to understand the technologies behind each.

Linux VPS Malaysia hosting is far more widespread than Windows hosting among small enterprises. While data show that the two operating systems are used roughly equally in web hosting. With each OS servicing about 30% of all websites, the results are biased.

Larger enterprises with big IT resources and a team of engineers to administer their sites account for the majority of Windows-based hosting. The majority of small and medium-sized organizations choose Linux hosting because of the lower cost and ease of usage.

The most prevalent reason for choosing Linux or Windows VPS Hosting involves scalability. An enterprise that has developed over time and needs more from its hosting plan may consider VPS hosting. It won’t demand the firm reconsider its web hosting.

Control Panels that can be Used in Best VPS Malaysia

Perhaps you’re a newcomer who has trouble understanding the term “website hosting control panel.” In its most basic form, a web control panel is a piece of software or a web interface designed for web administrators to handle addresses, emails, networks, and a variety of other things. The web control panel, online admin panel, user management, or just ‘panel’ are all terms that have been used to describe it.

Plesk V/S c-Panel review is something you might consider when it refers to website hosting control panels. Aside from DirectAdmin, ISPConfig, cPanel & Plesk both have a strong history in the system administration tool industry.

Plesk and cPanel are Two Different Types of Control Panels

Plesk has been assisting system administrators for more than ten years. Admins can handle their servers more successfully because of its user-friendly dashboard and extensive feature set. Plesk’s latest version is available for Windows and Linux in VPS Malaysia, and it’s designed to work quietly, control speed, and keep track of things in the background.

In 1996, the first version of cPanel was published. cPanel has a devoted following for its outdated goods because it was a market pioneer. Even though its current version is known as cPanel 68. Newer variants of this popular solution are essentially cPanel welded together. This makes client account management as well as server administration easier with Web Host Manager (WHM).

Which is Better Control Panel Between cPanel and Plesk Panel?

Best VPS Malaysia

Usability of Plesk V/S c-Panel

Each of these interfaces has a CLI (command-line interface) option. However, the majority of users will undoubtedly choose to use the GUI to gain access to their goodies (graphical user interface).

Plesk is preferred over cPanel by most customers because of its cleaner interface, which makes it easier to comprehend and use. Its strategy is to gather features on the left side of the screen, which is where most people begin reading. More options can be located deep beneath each tool.

The c-Panel technique in VPS Malaysia is based on the ‘garden shed’ approach to user interface design. Because it appears that the designers simply threw everything in and closed the door.

Plesk V/S c-Panel for Security

Both technologies come with so many capabilities aimed at making VPS Malaysia servers resistant. Or, at the very least, safe from malicious robots and their human operators.

Plesk, on the other hand, has features like fail2ban, which inhibits invasions, an active directory interface, and email spam defense. Meanwhile, cPanel provides automatic SSL certificate installation, and password-protected folders, with IP address denials.

Which has the Best Features: cPanel V/S Plesk?

Now, in terms of features, which is better: Plesk or cPanel? Plesk and cPanel in VPS Malaysia both offer the same tools that facilitate accounts and servers to their customers. Users can manage email accounts and databases, as well as adjust DNS settings (learn more about name server setup). They both have FTP (File Transfer Protocol) facilities available to them. Extra cPanel apps can enhance your cPanel experience. Plesk, on the other hand, gets right to work with access to more useful tools and extensions right out of the box.

Plesk, also now integrates Docker for Linux, placing the 200,000-image Docker library at the fingertips of Plesk users via the website hosting control panel. Gitman’s addon also enables Git to use a feature. Users using cPanel, on the other hand, can only get the same experience through intricate workarounds.

After getting far enough, it’s clear that your optimal VPS Malaysia hosting control panel. Your server’s operating system will be the primary determining factor. However, as a human who uses an interface daily, you want to pick the one which makes your life simpler. Plesk appears to be the current leader, with over 100 addons and a more user-friendly design. Even though both solutions have a lot of features, the Plesk vs cPanel battle still goes on.

Serverwala’s Different Plans for Different OS and Control Panel

Trying to make the most of the hosting plan is essential if you want to get more out of it. Getting the proper website host service provider such as Serverwala Cloud Data Center at the correct price should also be a top priority because it allows you more room to grow. With an online presence, you can make sure that things are simple and that you have control over any PC you choose. Although the procedure of installing servers can be hard, it will always provide you with additional power. There are a variety of plans to choose from in VPS Server Malaysia, and you may pick the one that perfectly matches your needs:-

Keep in mind the price range and costing will change depending on the control panel and version of OS you have picked for your VPS Malaysia. For instance, the initial Linux VPS plan starts at $15 while the windows VPS plan begins at $40 per month.


A short review of the web hosting industry reveals that companies offer both Windows and Linux-based hosting. This ends up driving their consumers toward the Linux-based service even if merely in terms of pricing. It’s just not viable for a hosting provider to provide a Windows VPS hosting option at a reasonable price due to the increasing price of Microsoft products and maintenance.

We hope that this look into VPS Malaysia operating systems has so far been informative and that you will feel confident in your decision to use Serverwala’s Linux VPS Hosting Malaysia. It’s a popular and cost-effective option for many expanding enterprises to secure dedicated and scalable website hosting resources.


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