What Are HID Xenon Light Bulbs?

The acronym HID is a combination of two words: “ High Intensity Discharge ”. This lighting technology is used on a variety of devices. Automobiles are just one of many products that use HID xenon bulbs. This technology is used in flashlights, street lights, and many other devices. The HID headlight bulbs that are used in automobiles are more specifically referred to as xenon HID bulbs. Xenon bulbs are different from halogen bulbs because they are filled with xenon gas. 

They also include a ballast and a starter. A ballast regulates the voltage that is sent to the xenon bulbs and a starter is used to start the xenon gas. You may have seen halogen bulbs that are filled with xenon gas, but the bulbs that are filled with xenon gas are specifically HID xenon bulbs. This is because the xenon gas is sealed inside the bulb and filled with gas in a specific manner. HID Xenon bulbs produce a whiter light. This means that less blue light is emitted from the bulb and more light is emitted from the bulb.

How HID Xenon works?

HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. HID lights are made up of a gas mixture that is ignited by an electric charge. This produces a bright light from a small source. HID lights are used in many places, such as in the headlights of cars, in commercial buildings, for stage shows, and in recessed lighting fixtures. Xenon gas is used in HID lighting instead of the metal halide gas used in traditional HID lights. Click to read the features and working of HID headlight bulbs.

The xenon gas is contained in a small arc tube that is mounted in the light’s reflector. Electricity is passed through the tube and the xenon gas ignites, producing a bright light. Because xenon gas is a better conductor of electricity than metal halide, the arc tube can be smaller, producing more light from a smaller source.

Advantages of HID Xenon headlights from

A large number of people have a love-hate relationship with headlights. On the one hand, they’re a necessary evil on the road. On the other, they are a source of constant frustration, especially when they don’t work as they should or as bright as they should.  HID xenon lights are a far better option, however. Instead of the yellowish glow that you get from the typical halogen bulbs, HID xenon lights produce an intense white light that is much more pleasant to look at. This can help you to see things a lot more clearly, especially when looking at multiple objects on the road. The bulbs also do a better job of illuminating the road ahead of you and reduce glare from oncoming headlights. In terms of safety, HID xenon headlights are a no-brainer.

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