How to Stop My HP Printer From Going Offline?

“Why is My HP Printer offline Windows 10” error is one of the most common problems with the HP printer. This error is not easily fixed. We have provided the following information to help you understand and fix this issue. If your HP printer is not responding or HP printer is in an error state, please refer to the section below.

Turn your HP printer offline into the online mode in Windows, Linux, or Mac.

  • If the printer is not listed in the print management console,
  • First, check if your network is accessible via the web interface, ping, or other means. If the device responds, you can move on to the next point
  • If you have seven problems, reset your printer. For 20 seconds, take out the power cord and plug it back in.
  • The device will start up in less than a minute. I have already explained everything in detail in this article.
  • Don’t be lazy to check the printer if I didn’t print it. Next, we verify that it is still active on the server. If that fails, we will try the next method.
  • The SNMP protocol is a problem that has been known for a while with printing devices.
  • Windows 7 and later automatically polls the network printer with the SNMP protocol. This is done to determine the status of
  • Determines if there is an issue with the printer.
  • Modern printers offer this functionality. If your printer does not respond to your request, it will show the Offline status in your control console.

These steps will help you determine if the problem is related to the malfunction. Click on the Print Management snap-in and then go to the printer’s properties.

Why is my HP printer not working?

Does your HP printer show offline status? You want to print important documents. Many printers can experience this problem. This issue is easy to fix. If your printer is in offline status, it means that it cannot communicate with another device to print. Printing is usually impossible. You must cancel any printing orders for the printer. Printer problems that cannot be fixed offline are common.

Why the printer keeps going offline?

  • The driver for the printer has been retired.
  • Any connection problems
  • Error in printer settings

How do I fix my HP printer offline? – HP smart application

The following solutions are available for the Hp Printer Offline Issue-

  • To run HpPrint and doctor scan app
  • Identify the problem and resolve it.
  • Launch the app, click on the Download option, and let it run.
  • Select the yes option to open the file source.
  • Next, click the Start button to select your printer

If your printer name is not listed in the list, restart your printer and then click on the print and doctor scan option.

  • The app will identify connectivity issues
  • Next, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Next, click on the “Yes” option to update the printer.
  • Follow the prompts and click the yes button to set the printer as default.

How can I prevent my HP printer from going offline?

To set the default printer setting, follow these steps:

Window 10

  • Use the search option to search for the device you are interested in.
  • To choose the scanner and printer options.
  • To allow windows to manage the default printer, you need to uncheck this box.
  • Add printer name to the list.
  • Choose the version to display online or your ideal status.
  • Select the option.
  • Select the Set as the default option.

To verify the printer port number and status of windows services

These are the steps to follow for

  • Click on the View Printers and Devices option in the control panel.
  • Right-click the printer to open its properties.
  • Click on the tab
  • Use the windows search option
  • Next, a list of options will be displayed. Click on the function discovery provider option and function discovery resource publishing.

To verify the startup and status columns.

  • Determine if the startup type has an automatic nature.
  • Right-click the printer name to open the properties menu.
  • Set the startup type to auto.
  • Click on the Start button below the service status, and then click on the OK button.
  • Return to the Printers and Devices window and press f5 to activate
  • To check the status of your printer, click on the name.

Verify the connection

HP printer in error state
  • First, restart your printer.
  • Turn off your computer.
  • Connect the power cord to the printer and turn it on.
  • For 10 seconds, disconnect the power cord from your wireless router.
  • Turn on your computer when the network is back up.
  • To connect to your network, use the wireless setup wizard on the HP printer.
  • To print a wireless report.
  • Check to see if there is an offline problem.

To print from another device

You can also print from a mobile or laptop. Printing errors or poor connections can cause offline problems. These are the solutions to the offline problem with the HP printer.

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