Turquoise Jewelry – Colourful, Eye Catching & Affordable

Turquoise jewelry is one of the most exquisite and precious semi-precious stones among all the gemstone jewelry available in the market.

An opaque gemstone that symbolizes beauty and glamour, it is considered to be one of the finest and oldest gemstones known to mankind.

Its commendable designs, alluring appearance and glamorous shades of colours that range from blue to green make it one of the most loved and adored gemstones among jewelry lovers.

If you too are getting butterflies in your stomach to adorn yourself with beautiful, stupendous turquoise gemstone, then in this article, we have got for you a complete guide on turquoise jewelry that will let you delve deep into the background as well as the benefits and other imperative factors related to turquoise.

The History of Turquoise

Turquoise has been on the earth for ages. Its distinct colour shades were admired by medieval kings and rulers.

This celebrated gemstone has got its name derived from the French Pierre Tourques, for Turkish stone. Hence the name turquoise.

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The earliest evidence and documentation of turquoise were derived from inside the ancient Egyptian tombs, that date back to 3000 B.C. You would be left astonished by the fact that the burial of the famous Egyptian king Tut was extravagantly adorned and blemished with turquoise ornaments for paying respect and honour to their beloved king.

The oldest existing turquoise mines are situated near the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt.

Since a prolonged period, it is believed to be the “December Gemstone”, which is a symbol of good fortune and peace.

Benefits of Turquoise Jewelry?

  1. It fosters Deep understanding among Partners

Turquoise forms a linkage directly with the heart chakra. This act as a natural tonic for the heart and flushes out envy, hatred and ego and makes the person become more loveable and understanding.

Couples who are facing a dark phase of their relationship, like frequent fights and heated arguments are advised by astrologers to adorn turquoise.

  1. Turquoise leads to Better Physical Health & Immunity

Turquoise Gemstone Jewelry helps in maintaining optimum muscle health by alleviating cramps and muscle pain. With its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying agents, it purifies the bloodstream which leads to better health of various organs in the body, including the heart and the lungs.

Besides, it also helps in the regeneration of tissues and healing from diseases and ailments.

  1. Turquoise Leads to Better Mental State

Turquoise is blessed with some truly miraculous powers from nature which is capable of aligning all the chakras of the body.

Proper alignment of chakras pacifies the brain and the person can achieve a state of inner calm and peace. Such chaotic-free energy helps the brain to cope with formidable mental health issues like depression, panic attacks and anxiety disorder.

  1. Turquoise Helps in Spiritual Growth

The third eye of the human, which is symbolic of pinnacles of intuition and intelligence can get unlocked with the divine powers of turquoise.

Psychic capabilities that could be explored by people on activating their third eye like a deep level of self-awareness, better observation and out-of-the-box creative thinking are quite useful for someone on a deep spiritual path.

  1. Turquoise Protects from Evil Energy

Being a purification stone and an epitome of positivity, turquoise act as a shield for the body and mind against the bad and demonic energies in the external environment.

Turquoise usually changes its surface colour depending on the negativity in the environment.

How to Wear Turquoise?

Turquoise can be worn in any shape or ornament, like a Turquoise Gemstone Ring, pendant, necklace, etc. Or even if you have a beautiful and shimmering piece of turquoise installed at your house or in your bedroom. You will still get bestowed upon with its purity and divinity.

Before wearing turquoise, whether as a stone or jewelry, it must be positively energised by an astrologer. To reap the most of its positivity and power. And it must be washed with fresh milk or holy water and enchanted with mantras.

It is highly recommended to wear a turquoise ring on the ring finger of the left hand on Friday for the most prolific results.

How to Identify Real Turquoise?

Being quite a customer-friendly gemstone, many fraud players are looking to make less-informed buyers a scapegoat. By selling them fake turquoise for the same price.

To avoid being trapped under this vicious circle of such fraudulent, look out for these factors while buying turquoise:

  1. Real Turquoise will cost you on the higher side: Being one of the most precious gemstones, the price of turquoise usually lies on the comparatively high end. So, if you are getting turquoise for as cheap as $15, it’s a trap!

  1. Real Turquoise will have inconsistencies in its pattern: Thanks to the play and frolics of nature, the vein-like branches on the surface of turquoise would always have inconsistent patterns and shapes. However, even with the best possible degree of accuracy. And no jeweller would be able to replicate fake turquoise with real turquoise as far as inconsistent patterns are concerned.

  1. The colour Grading in Real Turquoise: In most cases, the natural colour grading in real turquoise would be blue-green. So, if you are getting allured by that purple, yellow or red shade in turquoise. Then it’s a fraud in disguise of beauty.

  1. Scratch Test: To assess the authenticity of turquoise in the most accurate manner. And you can try the famous scratch test.

  • Take a knife or any sharp object

  • Now gently scratch the beneath surface of the suspicious turquoise stone

  • If it’s getting scratched effortlessly, chances are it’s a fake material like howlite or plastic. And that has just been dyed to make it look like real turquoise

Wrapping Up…

By simply adhering to a few tips and tricks, and getting equipped with basic knowledge about turquoise. And your jewelry shopping can be a prolific investment indeed.

An opaque gemstone that ranges from blue to green. And turquoise will lend everlasting beauty and will add a touch of royalty to your appearance and outfit.

So, are you looking forward to getting your hands on some stupendous turquoise jewelry collection?

Then simply check out 100% authentic and top-notch quality turquoise at Rananjay Exports.

Happy Shopping!

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