The types of casual sneakers to wear in your day to day

Check out the tips on how to wear casual tennis shoes in your day to day and don’t forget to apply them in practice. Besides being a practical and comfortable option, sneakers allow several stylish combinations in the look, so they are essential in any closet. Want to know which sneaker suits your style? Check our list and choose your favorite.

White sneakers 

When choosing a casual sneaker, the white sneaker will naturally be the first option. Why? Besides being incredibly stylish, it is an excellent choice for being very versatile: it goes with all styles and colors of pants.

You can wear it with jeans, twill pants, jogger pants, and even tailored pants. Not to mention shorts too, of course.

Black tennis 

Another casual sneaker option that stands out for its versatility is black. Because it is a neutral color, just like white, shoes of this color go with a large number of pieces. The only complication is when wearing it with light pants, such as beige and light jeans. For these cases, we recommend balancing the look with a black shirt or jacket on top.

You can opt either for a black sneaker with white soles, which is a classic, or for the all black variation, which is very modern and goes very well with other dark pieces.

Brown sneakers 

When we use a brown sneaker, it is inevitable that it reminds us a little of a social shoe. Thus, it ends up transmitting a little more seriousness in comparison with white or black models. Therefore, if you want to make your look more sober, the brown sneaker is an excellent alternative.

And if you like sophisticated looks, how about a sneaker inspired by the classic Oxford Wholecut, the most elegant of social shoes? It is famous for having its upper made of a single piece of leather, without seams.

Iate shoes 

If you are looking for something for the summer, the perfect alternative is the yacht sneaker. This is a more relaxed and super comfortable model, which goes very well with Bermuda shorts and casual pants, as well as being reminiscent of a sapato masculino. If you are thinking of traveling to the coast in the coming months, take this sneaker with you.

White socks & social shoes 

This pair is the equivalent, within the world of men’s fashion, of trying to mix water and oil. The shoe is a social shoe, while the white sock has a sporty aesthetic. Therefore, you cannot wear them together. And in the case of a black shoe, this incompatibility becomes even more evident, due to the contrast between the colors

Solution: Go for a dark sock with your social shoe. It can be the same color as the pants; the same color as the shoes; or, if you like daring looks, a different tone that harmonizes well with both pieces. 

Another alternative is to wear an invisible stocking, creating a sockless look. This brings a contemporary touch to the look, without you suffering the problems related to wearing a shoe literally without socks, i.e., hurting your skin and perspiring your feet.

White sock & jeans 

Let the first stone throw who has never made this mistake, white socks are a sporty piece by tradition. Jeans, on the other hand, are part of the casual closet. So whenever possible, the ideal is to avoid this combination. 

Especially if you are wearing a dark sneaker, which will create an eye-catching white stripe between the pants and the sneaker. There is an exception, however: if you are putting together a sportswear look, with other pieces from this universe, such as a longline t-shirt or a cap, then the look already gains more coherence.

Solution: The same reasoning as for social shoes applies here. When you’re wearing jeans and black (or dark) sneakers, invest in a dark stocking or an invisible one to modernize the look.

Black sock & white sneaker

Can you wear black stockings with white sneakers? The answer is “yes”, as long as you are wearing black twill pants. But if you’re wearing jeans or khaki pants, this contrast will be too flashy, which will disturb the harmony of the outfit.

Solution: Here the best option is the invisible stocking, the perfect complement for white sneakers. It makes the look modern and stylish, especially if the pants have a slim fit. White knee highs would also be possible, in theory, but here there is a greater risk of getting the combination wrong. If you choose to go this route, try to balance the look with a white shirt on top.

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