Right Headdress For Your Oktoberfest Dirndl Dress

Every woman who has ever gone to an Oktoberfest knows that it is practically impossible to find a dirndl dress that looks perfect. The wide variety of dirndl dresses and the unclear information available when searching for them make it really hard to choose.

Wearing a dirndl is an experience; you feel so feminine and charming. So the dirndl is not only typical Bavarian folkloric wear but timeless classic as well. And when you add a nice, elegant hair band to your look, then you have created the ideal combination for any festivity or casual occasion!

Mastering Making Hairband with German Dirndl Dress

The hair band is a style accessory that was prevalent in the late 20th century, but it has all but disappeared today. However, a few years back, some of the top fashion houses began selling colorful hair bands and floral designs as part of their accessory collections.

Many women choose to accessorize their hair with trendy hair bands. The headbands are available in many different designs, so no matter your taste or preference, you should be able to find one that fits you. The best part is that making them yourself is fairly easy if you have the right tools.

These handcrafted hair bands are made with the finest Swarovski crystals and the most luxurious fabrics. Let us help you find the perfect headband to complement your dirndl dress.

Have a look at sassy wreath bands to pair with your German dirndl dress. 

  • 10 Second Hair Band

Material needed: silk fabric band 

  1. The fabric you choose should be at least twice as long as it is wide.
  2. Spread the scarf out, grasp the left and right sides with your hands, and place the center or focal point of the scarf at the back of your head.
  3. To wear the scarf, you cross the left and right sides of the scarf over your temple and pull the end back over your head.
  4.  You can now tie a bow in your hair in any manner you wish! 
  • Flower Wreath Band 

Material needed: 6 designer roses, wired with green-colored wire.

Caution: Make sure to remove all thorns from the roses before making headbands.

  1. Then take three roses and plait the stems together until all three are braided. Then repeat the same with the other three roses.
  2. Gently arrange the two flower bundles before you, with the blossoms facing upward. Then twist the green wire around the left bouquet and join it to the right bouquet.
  3. Warily join the two crowns together, making sure not to expose the green wires. You can also make your own with your favorite flowers. 

Your Flower Crown is ready!

  • Feather Hair Band

Material needed:  Fancy faux quills (choice of color), silk string/rope.

  1. Tie the rope around your head in a circular shape and secure it with a knot. This looks best with a narrow piece of rope. You can also tie the rope around your head twice.
  2. You can now affix your quills to the overhanging strip at the back of your head. Presently put on a hairband so that your plumes are visible on one side of your head or the other.
  3.  You can also adorn your headband with pearls to make it extra luxurious.
  • DIY Braided Headband

  •  All you need is an old shirt, scissors, and tape. Cut five strips from the lower part of the shirt. These should be about the same width.
  • To make a twisted hair band, adhere to these instructions! First, attach all the closures together of these strips so that the hair band cannot be opened without another person’s help. 
  • Now make a braid of these strips and secure the end of the strips, making it a headband. You can now remove the excess. 

Voilà – your homemade twisted hairband is finished!

Now you can get started immediately and make your own matching hairband. Make sure that the independent hair band fits your dirndl. If not, it will not fit. Also, remember, you can not just shine with the hairband in a dirndl dress. It is also ideal as summer ornamentation. 

If you are longing for these headbands, wreaths, or other dirndl accessories and also you haven’t decided on your dirndl dress yet, then we have a solution for you! You can get these beautiful accessories such as jewelry, headbands, and bags with dirndl dresses at a very reasonable price. 

Dirndl Dress for Sale at Your Pocket Budget!

When it comes to dirndl dresses, you’re looking for a way to accentuate your figure in a visually appealing manner. There are several ways to do so without altering the design of the outfit – if you know what you’re doing. You can buy fine quality dirndl dresses and many dirndl accessories such as headpieces and flower wreaths at Dirndl Online Shop!

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