Glasses: An Important Fashion Accessory And An Eye Protector

How many of you are a fan of eyewear? Do you like to try out different eyewear? Which are the favourite styles of your eyewear? Do you love glasses more or sunglasses? What are the types of outfit that suits different types of glasses? In this article, we are going to talk about various designer glasses for men and women that they wear with their outfits and also the benefits of glasses in one’s life.

Importance Of Glasses

Glasses are an intimate fashion accessory. It has been seen that men and women get attracted to each other more when they wear glasses. Glasses change the look of a person and also act as a great fashion accessory.

Glasses are not only for fashion but the most important work they do is to provide proper vision to a person. Previously, people had a notion about wearing glasses that they are for people who need them to read. In short, glasses were only meant for reading. Hence they were known as reading glasses. But that notion has been broken by the people of the eyewear industry.

With time and technologies, they have made glasses for all. People who cannot see distant objects have now lenses for them too. Some people face problems with both reading and distant vision. For them, they had made varifocal lenses. This helps to correct the vision and helps in the distant, near, and intermediate vision.

When should you consult a doctor for glasses?

It is always advisable to people that whenever you feel any discomfort in your eyes, you must immediately consult a doctor and go for treatment. A doctor gives the right advice and tells us whether we need glasses or not. There are men’s and women’s glasses that they can wear separately and can even flaunt.

In whichever way you are feeling uncomfortable while seeing in front, distant and both, or if you find any other problem, consult a doctor immediately. There can be many other diseases that can also be diagnosed by consulting a doctor. In diseases like cataracts, people are advised to wear black specs until it is fully healed.

Again, after the Lasik surgery. Doctors advise wearing specs until the eyes are healed and also not to do certain works that might injure the eyes. These are some of the reasons why one must consult a doctor immediately as soon as the problem is identified.

Types of glasses

There are various designer glasses for men and women that are trending in style and change the look of a person. The glasses are perfect for almost every occasion and one can wear them with any outfit. Some of the glasses are as follows-

  • Round Glasses- These are one of the oldest glasses. These are the oldest types of glasses that are worn all over the world. These glasses are aresuitable for almost every face shape and size. The glasses are available in various sizes and one can choose the size of the glasses according to the face shape and size. The round glasses are also available in an oversized version. Hence these are one of the most popular pairs of glasses among people.
  • Oversized Glasses- Oversized glasses are among the trendy and stylish glasses for people of all age groups. From a person in young 20s to the late 40s, every person is a fan of these glasses. These glasses come in various shapes and sizes, and one can choose the required pairs. The oversized glasses are also very smart and are suitable for every outfit. From rimless to tortoiseshell glasses, oversized glasses compliments all.
  • Tortoiseshell Glasses- Tortoiseshell glasses are again timeless fashion accessories. These glasses come in various shapes and sizes. The glasses are stylish and are suitable for almost every face shape and size. They are suitable for every mood and occasion and compliments every outfit. These glasses were originally made with tortoiseshells until 1973, before imposing a ban on using animal shells. Now, these glasses are made with supreme quality materials like acetate, which provides the exact tortoiseshell glasses pattern.
  • Clear Glasses- Clear glasses are very trendy and funky. These glasses do not add much to the look, yet they look super cool on wearing with any casual outfit. The clear glasses also come in various shapes and sizes and are suitable for both men and women. These glasses are mainly preferred by young adults and adults. Pairing the glasses with any light coloured or pastel shades outfits are a great choice. Sometimes, these are available with a pop of nude colours which makes them more attractive and noticeable among the group. Hence clear glasses are one of the smartest glasses of this generation.


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