Tips for Selecting the Perfect Perfume for Women

The secret to choosing a perfume for women is all in the notes. Now, you may be wondering what notes are, but worry not, you have come to the right place. You can finally know what perfume manufacturers mean by the different fragrance families and notes and how to tell which notes go well with the weather, personality, or mood. 

Don’t rely just on the fragrance’s blurb while making a decision

Don’t allow a few notes to affect your selection of a scent; a fragrance might have hundreds of chemicals. The fact that you’re not a fan of a certain scent doesn’t indicate that you won’t like a perfume that includes it, and you might not have been able to identify it in the finished result.

Perfume notes and families may be deciphered

What kind of scents do you also have in your closet or on your dresser? If so, what would your friends and family think? Do you have a soft spot for floral designs? Are your smells full of amber undertones? Or maybe you’re a sucker for the citrus’s zing? Then you may begin your hunt for the right women’s perfume with this information in mind. Instead, if you want to try something completely different, look for scent families that are the complete opposite of your regular go-to.

What are Fragrance Families?

Fragrance families and notes basically refer to the same thing. They are the classes of scents that are distinct enough to form entire notes on which other scents can be based on These seven different notes are woody, citrus, musky, aquatic, and even fruity among others. Here’s a brief glimpse into what each scent profile entails. 


Just like whisky, woody fragrances are earthy and have a certain scent that is peculiar. It might remind you of when you were last in a forest and could distinctly feel the smell of bark or wood. Woody scents come in either dry, sweet, musky or earthy undertones and they have a longer-lasting, yet subdued appeal. Woody fragrances are more natural and go well for laid-back events or for indoor meetings. 


Aquatic scents will remind you of open seas and absolute freedom. They are fresher and tend to have a rather minty feel, adding to their cool nature and versatility. Aquatic scents also work really well for outdoor settings, and you can therefore expect to smell great. Aquatic scents are great for sleeveless wear, and you can expect your skin to benefit from the free-flowing air all around it. 


When you think of summer, your senses immediately fill in the picture of what scent to go for. Perfumes for women that are great for the sun and outdoors are those with fruity scents. Therefore, anything with mango, peach, or pear will definitely go well with your sundress and clear blue skies. If you are a busy traveler, or deep into sports, then something with citrus or mint will add the freshness you desperately need to keep you up the entire day. So don’t worry, whether you are actively into sports or about to go to Coachella, a fruity fragrance will do wonders for you. 

How to Figure Out Your Scent Profile

Nothing is more feminine than the pursuit of individuality and freedom. You want something that is uniquely you and that’s why when choosing a fragrance, you need to figure out your scent profile by asking yourself a few questions. You need to figure out what you like most about yourself, what you value most in others, how you’d like others to perceive you, and what lasting impression you’d love to leave behind. Some people like living in the shadows where they can be left alone to do their thing, whereas others want to stand out immediately. 

Overall, choosing your own fragrance is an exhilarating experience since you get to know yourself and what works best for you. This process will add to your overall confidence and you should definitely use this extra confidence to go out there and exceed your own expectations.

Trust your gut and go with your gut

Even though ouds are hot right now and beautiful flowers are your best friend’s favorite, you should never choose a smell solely on what other people think of it. It’s a matter of personal preference, so go with what you feel most comfortable with.

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