What Are the Different Types of Hair Extensions?

Every woman wants beautiful hair and the ability to try on whatever hairstyle she wants. Every strand of hair we desire is the product of a magnificent hair extension, it’s no secret! Human hair and synthetic hair are the most common materials used in extensions.

Human Hair Extensions: Human extensions are what the word suggests. They’re made of actual human hair obtained from a donor from top to bottom. At the moment of collection, all of the cuticles (the outer covering of the hair) are intact and flowing in the same direction.

Synthetic Hair Extensions- synthetic extensions are made out of various synthetic fibers that are mixed and do not contain any human hair. These are generally very thin plastic fibers that are made to seem like actual human hair.

The hair market is brimming with various sorts of extensions, such as tape in extensions, clip in  extensions, sew in extensions and so on.In this blog, we’ll look at various types of hair extensions.


Tape extensions balayage
Tape extensions balayage

These extensions are made up of little tapes that blend well with thin hair. Tape in extensions can be applied to your hair by a competent hairdresser. You may need a touch-up from time to time, depending on how quickly your hair grows or the quality of the extensions, which is normally every 3-6 months on average.

Human hair tape in extensions is the best since it mixes your hair and gives you a natural look. It is an efficient treatment for bald areas or thinning hair. Halo couture offers a wide range of tape in hair extensions in a variety of shades, including tape extensions balayage in B4/27, B6, B622, and others, original tape in extensions in natural black, dark brown, auburn, and other colors, and root colors tape in extensions in rooted R4, R6, R7, and other colors that blend in seamlessly with your natural hair.


Clip in human hair extensionClip in human hair extensionFor a short-term commitment, clip-ins are the most secure type of hair extension. It is available in both human and synthetic hair types. Clip in human easy to use: slide the parts attached to the base into your hair and gently press to create a sensitive clip snap.

Because clip-in extensions are done without glue or heat, they are non-damaging. You may easily add volume and length to your hair or change your style with the help of clip in human extensions & look natural.


Sew in hair extension
Fusion hair extension

Hair extensions that are sewn in, also known as weave, are woven into your natural hair. These are a very popular type of permanent hair extension and looks great. Sew in extensions are well-known for their ability to blend in with your natural hair and provide you with a wonderful appearance.

It will take 3 to 6 hours to stitch on sew in extensions on your cornrows. Remove the weave every 6-8 weeks to maintain your scalp healthy and do thorough cleaning treatments. The end product is always flawless and secure, letting you rock some of the most popular sew in extensions hairstyles!


Halo extensions are a wonderful alternative for ladies who are frequently on the go. If you’re often late for work, switching from multi-piece clip in human to one-piece halo extensions can save you time in the morning. Thanks to a concealed wire, it sits securely on your head, like a crown.

The halo hair extension is the most recent hair that does not require you to use your hair. Instead, it takes advantage of your head’s natural form and rests like a crown on your head with a concealed cord. On the other hand, your natural hair will sit on top of the halo, securely cementing it. Halo are the least harmful of all unlike sew in hair or tape in hair since they do not pull or strain your hair strands.


You might consider having ponytail hair extensions because it is simple to achieve a ready-made ponytail hairstyle. These extensions can be wrapped or clip around your current ponytail to add instant length and volume.

Ponytail hair cause no harm to your hair because they are not joined to the natural strands unlike sew ins or tape in hair. You can have a tidy and lustrous ponytail in no time by using human hair ponytail. Ponytail come in various styles, including clip-ins, wrap-around, claw-clips, etc. Find the ideal one for you, and you’ll be ready to slay at any time with natural finish.


Microlink hair extension
Microlink hair extension

Microlink are a type of extensions that inserts wefts of extensions into your natural hair using silicone-lined beads. Microbeads and micro-loops are other names for them. They secure and tighten the bead to protect it from slipping out. The beads should be adjusted every 3-4 weeks to ensure hair growth and a natural appearance.

Microlink are very economical options compared to other human hair, such as clip in human hair or tape in hair. It may persist for months with proper maintenance and attention.


Fusion hair extension

Theseextensions are semi-permanent extensions that use heat and keratin adhesive to adhere to your natural strands. Where as permanent hair include tape in hair, Micro-Fusion, Keratin Bonded, and sewn-in wefts. There are two sorts of installation when it comes to fusion: hot and cold.

Wrapping a u-tip around a tiny segment of hair after melting the keratin foundation with a fusion hair iron is known as hot fusion.

Cold fusion is simpler to comprehend. By sliding a few strands of hair through the micro ring and feeding the top of the i-tip, a stylist will utilize cold fusion to implant the i-tips. Hair extension pliers are then used to tighten the beads for a firm grip.


There are a variety of hair available to meet a variety of hair demands, and now you know what they are! The aforementioned hair are available from Halocouture in a variety of styles and of high human hair quality. For special occasions, they offer anything from modest weaves to extravagant clip-in hair.

Visit Halo couture online or in-store to see a wide range of clip in human hair, halo extensions, tape in hair including tape hair balayage, original & roots hues, and ponytail extensions to fulfill your long-held desire of shiny, beautiful hair.

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