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The Social Media Trends That You Need To Watch In 2023

Imagine you are a fortune teller; you can predict most life happenings, especially what’s to occur in the future. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, fortune-telling doesn’t work with some aspects of life, and social media trends are one of them. To tell the future of social media, you need reliable data. You have to combine consumer preference and performance data to get a clear picture of the future. Social media trends majorly depend on what’s driving audience behavioural patterns and how your brand fits in. These are some trends to look out for if you are building a social media strategy for your business in 2023.

Steps Into Metaverse

According to Forbes, the metaverse is expected to pick up and become more understood and integrated into social media consumption. The major focus for 2023 will be on AR, VR, creating and using avatars, NFTs and virtual stores. Several businesses have already experimented with this trend for their social media marketing in Adelaide.

The metaverse concept may still be new, so you don’t have to go all feet in from the start. Instead, you can start experimenting as you get comfortable with the system. While doing so, take some initial steps with your business by using AR in your social media strategy.

YouTube Shorts Taking Off

Did you know that YouTube Shorts generate an average of 30B views daily? YouTube Shorts are like a magnet for creators. The shorts attract more viewers, which is ideal for long-term content growth and subscription numbers. Businesses can also start focusing on this trend to reemerge their product. In addition, it will help keep the customers up to date with the latest brand updates.

LinkedIn Creators Becoming More Organic Engagement

Did you know LinkedIn is older than Facebook? But what makes it a trend to watch out for in social media trends in 2023? It offers more organic engagement. You must have noticed your LinkedIn feed is filling up with more personal posts of late. The platform is becoming more personalised than it was before. Trust in LinkedIn is growing, and engagement rates are spiking. 

It’s becoming the best platform to grab attention. Moreover, the platform has a later scheduling tool that allows you to plan and post your content in advance. This creates more flexibility and convenience as you can easily focus on other aspects of your life or business, knowing your content will be up when needed.

Customer Experience

The main work of a digital marketing agency is to improve your digital marketing to create a better customer experience. This is what matters the most for your business. For instance, the Search Engine Optimisation updates for 2023 focus on providing better helpful content to users. You can future-proof your digital marketing by focusing on customer experience. This will help shield you from future algorithms.

AI Taking Over

When talking about AI and social media, it can mean several things. However, in this case, AI taking over refers to software with an automation system that automates drafted social media posts, identifying advertisement channels and more. If you are using social media marketing in Adelaide, chances are you are already using AI. For instance, using AI for copywriting can help create new ideas and caption starters. However, please note that AI can never replace authentic and personalised content.

Social media trends are hard to predict as they rely solely on customer preference data. However, with these trends to look out for in 2023, you can start moulding your plans and business to gain a competitive edge. So create a plan, and work with the best digital marketing agency. They will optimise your social media marketing to give you better and faster results than what you currently use.

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