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How Broadcasting Services Create an Outlet to Attract Customers

According to Forbes, an SMS broadcasting service is a marketing strategy in which a business sends text messages to a group of recipients instead of a single person. Commonly referred to as bulk SMS or mass texting service, enterprises use this text messaging service to send out marketing promotions and alerts, automate transactions, and share updates.

Dispatching an SMS broadcast is one of the most effective methods of creating an outlet to attract many customers. Moreover, it saves time, resources, and effort you could otherwise use to reach customers individually. Below are ways SMS broadcasting services can help your business create an outlet to attract clients:

1. Coupons and Special Promotional Offers

Similar to gift codes and discounts, coupons and special promotional offers are extremely desired by customers. After all, nobody wouldn’t go for a deal that helps them save even a few dollars. Some individuals seek such offers to save cash to buy the latest smartphone. Others feel great knowing they’re not incurring much for an item they could have bought for less than it’s selling.

As a business owner, you can leverage broadcast SMS services to take advantage of this behavior presented by customers. By sending appealing coupons and special promotional offers, you can capture new clients’ attention and interest in what you offer.

2. News and Product Updates

Sending SMS broadcast messages containing the latest news and updates about your products can be an effective way to create an outlet to capture and attract new clients’ attention. Additionally, it’s effective in enhancing your company’s customer retention rates. However, only some recipients want to receive text messages with news and product updates. Therefore, you must ensure you only dispatch such messages to existing and prospective clients who will likely enjoy them.

You need to send only a specific number of SMS broadcast messages weekly to avoid irritating your recipients with unnecessary text messages. For instance, you can dispatch two or three SMS messages comprising the most significant product updates and news. Alternatively, you can dispatch a single SMS broadcast message weekly to summarize what transpired the whole week.

3. Event Invitations and Alerts

A business event can entail virtually anything, from physical conferences to virtual webinars and annual organizational ceremonies. If you’re organizing such an event and wish your clients to attend, you can leverage SMS broadcasting services to dispatch invitations and alerts. That way, you can invite and remind existing and potential customers of the upcoming event.

There are several reasons you should consider using events to create an outlet to attract customers. First, events are an opportunity for your brand to gain extra exposure and meet potential partners, such as retailers who you can work with. Second, you’ll get the chance to engage one-on-one with your existing clients who wish to inquire more about your organization and products helping to strengthen your relationship. Finally, events can bring on board new clients you can convince to buy your products/services.

4. Social Media Integration

Another way SMS broadcasting can help you create an outlet to attract customers is by integrating it with social media marketing to develop an even more dynamic strategy. The following is what you need to implement to integrate SMS broadcasting with social media marketing successfully:

Dispatch related content to the two marketing channels to lower your workload each time you plan to develop something new. Ultimately, this will help you save on both your financial resources and time.

Cross-publicize your company’s social media pages in your SMS broadcast messages while at the same time promoting your SMS broadcast messages on social media platforms. Doing so will increase the chances of attracting clients from the two channels.

Include content teasers in your SMS broadcast messages and a link directing customers to your social media pages to view the full content. Implementing this will help link the two even more, enabling you to establish a closer relationship and attract your audience’s interest.


SMS broadcasting service is one of the most effective methods for enterprises to quickly reach many individuals with promotional messages. Often, creating and dispatching bulk messages using this method is easy, rendering this strategy an effective way to keep in touch with existing and prospective clients. Ultimately, with the right approaches and tools, your company can leverage SMS broadcasting services to engage its clients, market products/services, and send news/product updates.

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