Merits of a 3D web platform for hosting a virtual event

The technological advancements and the ever-changing global scenario has to lead the world to retort to newer, faster and better modes of conducting events. As we all are inching back towards the normal life, live events are making a comeback after a long halt during the pandemic, there is still uncertainty that keeps on looming in the minds of both the hosts and the attendees given the current ever-changing circumstances. Hybrid events are like a middle path that can be opted in between the live and virtual events. hybrid events are the most in-demand type of events in their industry.

All kinds of businesses out there are looking out for these kinds of events to attract a huge number of clients and expand their reach exponentially across the boundaries in an economically feasible manner. The advent and the benefits of 3D web platforms have led to a revolution in the event industry.

Why go for a 3D web platform?

There are several options of web platforms available out there in the market to organize these types of events then be it virtual or hybrid. It’s all about creating memorable experiences for both the clients and the organizers. The use of 3D web platforms offers many advantages for hosting virtual or hybrid events; the major one is that the 3D environment lends itself to exploration and serendipity, which is considered beneficial for events such as trade shows and conferences.

They may include an immersive lobby page that attendees can use to navigate to other pages within the event; they allow free movement around various event spaces or the ability for users to change their orientation using different avatars. Their 3D technology is evolving and improving at an unstoppable pace and for now, these platforms offer a unique, immersive option for both virtual and hybrid shows.

The virtual or hybrid event 3D platform creates a whole new experience for all the participants then be it speakers, exhibitors or attendees. One just has to set up an avatar and get ready to experience all kinds of different facets in the world of 3 Dimensional. Even some of the recent studies have stated that users in 3D environments have improved learning outcomes and increased memory retention due to spatial presence. 

Which web platform to choose?

There are many options at one’s disposal in the marketplace you can choose from; it depends on your requisitions, expectations and demands. Some of the 3D web platforms available are Eventzilla, Hubb, BigMarker, DREAMCAST, Run The World, vFairs, Hopin, Avianet, vConfex, and almond virtex etc. Dreamcast creates an out of the world, surreal experience for your global audience and elevates interaction between your on-site and online participants with a dynamic 3D Hybrid Show Platform. The squad at Dreamcast is completely dedicated to client satisfaction, they provide many out of the box features like 100% customization of the platform as per your requirements, help you with first-class engagement features, captivating exhibit booths, 3600 mesmerizing environments as well as sterling networking tools. They assure you of astounding experience across diverse scales i.e. whether it’s a huge, mid-scale or small size event.

Dreamcast aids you in creating a life-like experience inclusive of a dynamic lobby, customized venue and captivating exhibit booths. They also have advanced networking tools like networking tables, B2B meeting scheduler, AI Matchmaking etc. One of their many features includes multiple format communication in the form of Live Q&A sessions, AMA sessions, Live polls, Live chatbox and many more. The icing on the tip is that they have many options like custom gamification, external integration, and social & signature wall for superb audience engagement.

How to make a virtual or hybrid event more appealing and vibrant?

There are several ways to make an event more interactive and engaging. Some of the tips are shared here:

  • Voting or live polls during the event.
  • Conducting quizzes.
  • Open communication.
  • Fabricating a fun learning experience
  • Creating memories with an engrossing, customizable and scalable web platform.

Basics to be acknowledged while preparing the blueprint of the event

  • Charting out the complete plan of the event format.
  • Picking up the most apt web platform which offers all the services like 3D environment, live streaming etc.
  • Marketing and promotion layout.
  • Scheduling an appropriate date and time for the event taking in consideration all the global factors.
  • Jotting down all the quintessential equipment and its timely acquisition.
  • Last but not least prepare enthralling content for the attendees.


The virtual or hybrid events are the call of the hour and are here to stay. The 3D environment of the web platform makes your virtual event strategy future-proof. The 3D web platforms have seen a sizable increase in their demand since the outbreak of the global pandemic. According to a survey, there has been more than a 653% increase in virtual events and a 12X increase in monthly active users since the outbreak of the coronavirus. If you are trying to recreate the benefits of in-person networking and create a 1:1 connection during your virtual event, then 3D is a great option.

Thus, has been quite helpful in increasing the client base. The host can also import and share product-specific 3D content. With no more show floors housing the latest physical product, 3D event spaces are a real alternative allowing customers to interact with a product at home. All these features allow event organizers to effectively engage audiences and generate massive ROI. All-in-one hybrid or virtual show platforms like Dreamcast offer you a highly scalable & customizable service that lets you create an unforgettable experience irrespective of your event size.

So, hop on the bandwagon and boost your business manifold.

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