Kundli Matching: How It is Necessary For Love Marriages?

Vedic followers around the globe believe in having the horoscopes of potential couples matched by astrologers before considering marital alliances. Traditional Kundli matching is based on the marriage charts and planetary alignments. This predicts the future of the bride or groom. It examines the Kundli match in eight categories: happiness, fertility, and longevity. As a society, we have advanced to the point where both boys and girls can find their mates on their own.

The educated consider Kundli matching to marry pseudoscience, even though the term is actually an ancient science. The assumption is that both men and women know best what they want when it comes down to getting married. This argument is supported by the high success rate for love marriages. The argument claims that Kundli Milan is not needed in today’s society.

However, it is important to not overlook the high success rate for traditional marriages, which are held after Kundli matching. This is why it is important to remember that traditional marriages are more successful than those held after Kundli matching. Matching marriage horoscopes Is it necessary to get married in love?

Does it make sense to have a free Kundli match?

Kundali matching is where the astrologer analyzes the star charts of the future bride and the groom, analyses specific components, and then puts them together to examine their combined effects. Eight categories are usually used for Kundli matchmaking. These are Varna Koota, Vashya, control, amenability, Dina Koota, Yoni, sexual attraction, Gana Koota, Rasi Koota, character matching, Gana Maitram, Graha Maitram, and Nadi, which is physiological matching, offspring. Ashta Koota matches are calculated from 36 points. If the Kundli match scores 18 or more, it’s considered a good match.

The traditional free will is still available. Matching Kundli for a happy marriage is not guaranteed by any procedure. This is also not true for love marriages. In general, love marriages are more open to friendships and other relationships than marriage. Even if the marriage ends in divorce, the person may still survive and thrive. In marriages fixed after Kundli Milan, The couple is deeply bonded, both in their heads and hearts, and they will thrive together.

The astrologer can help couples who are in love but cannot match their Kundli in the traditional way to have happy marriages. These include:

Yoni Dosha:

Chanting prayers to invoke the goddess fertility, talking with your partner about sexual preferences and dislikes, and working together to solve the problem.

Gana Dosha:

The main factor in Kundli’s matching to marry is Gana dosha. It is the temperamental compatibility score. It is the temperamental compatibility score. If both the boy and girl are aggressive and hardheaded, the marriage can be difficult. Kundli Milan may not give you a high score. It is up to you to be patient and rational. Practicing mind exercises such as Yoga and keeping an open mind will help you be more constructive.

A love marriage Yoga in free Kundali matching is also important. It allows the girl and boy to learn about areas of their lives that aren’t covered by romance. This includes infertility, adultery, and health.

Four houses are examined in Kundli Matching to determine the love marriage yoga for a person’s future. They are the 5th-7th, 8th, and 11th. The Yog’s impact is greatly affected by the signs Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, Venus, Rahu, and Moon. The partners in a love relationship may be already aware of aspects such as ambition, love, rage, and friendship. But, it is important to study love. Yoga in Kundli Matching for marriage will allow you to better understand the concept and help you deal with it in times of crisis.

However, love can overcome all obstacles and that is the truth at its core. A kundli Milan is not about making a fool of yourself or ignoring criticisms. It helps people gain perspective and prepare for the future.

Also, free Kundli matching can help. It can help, but only to a certain extent. The outcome of any arranged marriage or love marriage is determined by the individuals involved. These are the questions that both boys and girls need to ask. Marriage is a commitment that lasts a lifetime and will always have its ups as well as downs. The journey can be amazing if you find the right partner.

Kundli matching is not necessary if you feel in love with your partner. You are the one responsible for making the decision. No Kundli will stop you if the boy or girl is committed to one another and have the courage to prove those who doubt them wrong. Kundali matching is a traditional method that is flexible. There are options for couples who are not in love but are unable to match. Also, check our other informational blogs on this site.

Bhakoot / Nadi dosha

Bhakoot guna has 7 points and Nadi has 8 points. Matching Kundli. A defect is a situation in which one of these two scores 0 on a matchmaking Kundali chart. Every person’s Nadi is determined by the position of the Moon in various Constellations or Nakshatras at his birth. A score of 0 is added to the point chart if both the bride and the groom have the same Nadis. Then Nadi Dosh will be formed. A score of 8 is added to the chart for Nadis that are not identical. The Moon’s position at birth may not be the same as the Moon’s. There are many pujas and mantras that can be changed to reduce the doshas of Kundli Milan.

  • Chanting Maha Mrityunjay Jaap
  • Donate clothes, grains, cows, or cattle to the poor and needy
  • Different yantras or gemstones can reduce the negative effects of Nadi Dosh.


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