New JCB price in India in 2023

JCB is Indian best construction equipment company. Whenever  the word construction comes to any Indian’s mind they automatically prefer JCB equipment. It’s a United Kingdom’s  brand and the full form of JCB is Joseph Cyril Bamford. It is basically the name of the owner of this company. Today we will talk about this brand and its construction equipment in detail. We will also discuss JCB price. So without wasting any time let’s get into details.

JCB Price:

JCB equipment is used all over India and there are 4 plants in the entire India. These plants are in Delhi, Jaipur, Pune and Gujrat. It is said these equipment are made in India and they don’t import from any other country rather they export them. Now we will look at JCB prices in India.

  • JCB 430 ZX

JCB 430ZX PLUS Wheel Loader, 11250 kg, 1.7 cum, 133 hp, Price from  Rs.2450000/unit onwards, specification and features


There are many machines that vary in different prices due to their functionality. The price of this machine is nearly 42,45,800/- this price is without any general sales tax. The weight of this loader is 3 tons. This machine is the most sold product and its spare parts are easily available in the market. That’s why it goes out of stock.

  • JCB 530-110

This machine is a telehandler that is 11 meters long. It is used to handle material on a height dumping site. These are used mostly in construction of big heighted buildings. The JCB price of this machine is 24,50,000 in India.

  • Liftall Hydra Crane 1253 

JCB Liftall 1253 Pick & Carry Crane at best price in Kochi by India Techs  Limited | ID: 6482640897


The hydra of JCB is Liftall and it comes in 2 models such as 1253 and 1533 that are 12 and 15 ton respectively. It is claimed that it lacks in strength and that’s why the company has stopped its production. The JCB price in India is 13,15,000. This is without GST.

  • CB Tandem Roller Price

It is also a road construction machine that is used by constructor of civil medium scale. You can find this toller in ACE and Escort. The price of this machine is 17,45,000

  • JS 200 LC JCB Excavator

JCB JS 200 LC excavator specs (1996 - 1999) | Diggers | LECTURA specs |  LECTURA Specs


These are available in different capacities such as JS140 (14 Ton) , JS205LC (20 Ton ), JS220 (20 Ton), JS30 (3 Ton), JS81 (8 Ton). it is not a demanded product but it was bought as a backhoe loader. The 20 ton excavator is mostly sold to contractors due to its functionality. The JCB price of this machine is 40 to 50 lakh.

  • JCB 530-70 

JCB 530-70 Chariot télescopique | Boss Machinery


The stability of this machine is 7 meters and it is also a telehandler. It lacks butterfly legs. As mentioned above 530-110 this machine is cheaper than this model because of 7 meter height. All of its spare parts are easily available and are similar to JCB 3dx Backhoe loaders. Its price is 21,24,00 lakh/

  • Robot 135 

It is a skid loader and comes in two models such as 135 and 155. This loader is sold for loading and unloading purposes. It has 4 wheels that help to maintain the balance at different construction sites. The price of this loader is 12,35,00 lakh.

  • VMT 115

RCMME - rubber-wheeled-roller/tandem-roller-vmt-860(jcb_india)


This machine is a soil compactor and apart from JCB many other companies such as Escort, Ace and Dynapac also provide this compactor machine. It is also a very purposeful machine and costs 24,50, 000 lakh. This amount is without any tax.


In today’s article we have tried to provide information to contractors that need to buy heavy machinery in construction work. JCB is India’s largest and famous company that offers this machinery. JCB price along with usage are mentioned above. I hope you like the details. Thanks.

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