How to Increase Your Workshop’s Customer Base in 2023

Although it might seem like an uphill struggle at times, there are many easy and inexpensive strategies to increase the number of consumers visiting your workshop. 

The automotive mechanical industry has persevered and appears poised to experience increasing growth as Australia continues to recover from COVID-19.

Here are some suggestions for expanding your workshop’s clientele in 2023.

Advertise your workshop on online classifieds websites.

According to statistics, 81% of clients use the internet to discover their next technician. You could be losing clients if your workshop is not online. Ensure that your workshop is advertised on well-known websites like Google Business, Yelp, Yahoo, and Bing.

You can maximize your exposure to all possible clients in your neighborhood by adding your business to popular web directories. Don’t be tempted to rely on Google alone. You should use different platforms because the search engine may change depending on the user’s device type. By listing your business on multiple websites, you can obtain leads from everyone who might be a potential customer, not just those who use Google.

The fact that listing your company online is free is its major advantage. Advertising doesn’t have to cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Automate reminders to previous clients.

For all businesses, repeat business is king. It has been established that 47% of mechanic clients return to a preferred provider. Given that, you should make sure you are doing everything in your power to entice your customers to return.

Automating customer reminders with a workshop management system is a great way for mechanics to keep their most loyal clients. You can get a whole solution that instantly notifies customers when services are due by automating customer reminders. 94% of recipients open SMS messages, so you can be sure that you’ll reach them when you wish to.

While you’re here…

Mechanics are skilled professionals who work on a wide range of vehicles, from cars and trucks to boats and airplanes. While mechanics take great care in their work, accidents can happen, and mistakes can be made. That’s why insurance for mechanics is so important for mechanics. Having the right insurance coverage can protect mechanics from financial losses and legal liabilities that could arise from unexpected events, such as injuries to customers or damage to their vehicles. Additionally, insurance can help mechanics feel secure and confident in their work, allowing them to focus on providing top-quality service to their clients. With the right insurance policies in place, mechanics can enjoy peace of mind and protect their business against potential risks.

Benefit from social media.

Social media is the best tool for workshops in Australia. According to statistics, around 20 million Australians use social media daily.

It is crucial that your workshop has official business pages on Facebook and Instagram where clients can ask questions and make appointments for future services. The fact that social media is free is its major advantage for business owners of workshops.

Give customers a “Wow” experience.

The vehicle repair sector is fiercely competitive. You must offer a service that customers can’t get from another workshop. It is only by standing out from the crowd that you can increase your customer base. You must ensure that drivers feel at ease when they visit your workshop because 72% of drivers experience anxiety when visiting an auto repair shop.

Some of the ways in which you can enhance customer experience are as follows:

  • Send SMS reminders 24 hours before their appointment.
  • Leave a small, unexpected gift in the car, such as car air fresheners, bumper stickers, refrigerator magnets, etc.
  • Quickly clean the vehicle after servicing.

Offering something unique generates awe. If a client is pleased, they will tell their friends about you!

Investigate your rivals.

Keep your friends close and your rivals even closer. You must continually investigate what the competition is offering if you want to remain competitive in the auto repair sector. Consumers want the best deal, so if a rival is offering a better deal, they will probably go there. Examine what the competition is providing and try to provide clients with a better option.

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