Helpful Fig Farming in India – Information for Beginners

The development of figs is vital in the business structure. This is a more costly organic product, which the rancher siblings need to procure a decent benefit by developing figs. Many kinds of supplements, vitamin A, B, C, fibre, and calcium, are tracked down in figs. It is a solid and scrumptious organic product which can consume new and dried. A high measure of sugar is situated in the ready product of figs. Utilization of figs benefits from illnesses like a bosom malignant growth, cold, asthma, diabetes and heartburn. This natural product looks yellow, brilliant and purple. Likewise, for every one of the cultivating errands Swaraj 735 work vehicle model is productive and progressed.

Fig natural products are additionally utilized in Ayurvedic drugs. Because of this, its interest is likewise high. Besides, because of the sensible cost of figs, ranchers can benefit by developing them.

Environment and Temperature

A bone-dry and less damp environment is thought of as appropriate for developing figs. Its organic products are prepared for ageing in summer. Fig plants require less downpour, and winter ice is more unsafe for their yield.

Field readiness

The completely mature plant fig gives a decent yield for around 50 to 60 years. Consequently, prior to establishing its plants in the field, the field ought to be arranged appropriately. For this, profound furrowing of the area ought to be finished, because of which the leftovers of the old harvest will be obliterated. After this, the field ought to be left open for a couple of days so the daylight gets enough consumed in the dirt. For a decent yield of figs, the ground ought to be given reasonable compost and a suitable measure of manure at the hour of culturing in the field. What’s more, for better field readiness, the John Deere 5050d farm haulier is awesome. Because of its solidness and affordable cost.

For this, subsequent to getting legitimate daylight in the field, a few inclinations of profound furrowing ought to be finished through a rotavator, because of which the dirt of the area becomes friable. From that point forward, indeed, level the ground by putting a pat on the field. Furthermore, at the land level, you won’t see the issue of water signing nearby. Then, the pits are ready for establishing fig plants in the pre-arranged level field. Two feet wide and one to a half feet deep ought to be planned in these lines. The 50 grams ought to be blended in the dirt and filled in the pits.

Technique for Planting Seedlings

Fig plants are established in the pits and ready in the field. Hence, while establishing its plants in the openings, a little cavity is planned in the pits. Prior to establishing the plants in this little pit, they ought to be treated with cow pee. After establishing the plants in the opening, press them by putting soil up to one and a half centimetres. Developing its plants during the blustery season in July and August is viewed as fitting.

Water system

Fig plants don’t need a lot of water system. Nonetheless, fig plants require more water systems throughout the mid-year season. Thusly, its plants ought to be flooded at 15 to 20 spans in a similar winter season. Its plants ought to be washed just when vital during the blustery season.

Weed Control

For weed control on fig plants, weeding is expected through normal means. In this manner, at whatever point you see weeds in the fig field, you ought to eliminate the weeds by weeding. Its plants require a limit of 5 to 7 digging.


The figs ought to be reaped after they are completely ready. This is on the grounds that the shade of the upper piece of the organic fig product differs depending upon the assortment. At the point when the organic products mature, they begin looking extremely delicate. During that time, they ought to be culled. Then, at that point, its natural product is gathered, particularly in August. Subsequent to culling the natural products, they ought to be kept in a pot loaded up with water, and the organic products ought to be collected wearing gloves since, supposing that the juice emerging from its plant gets on the skin, then, at that point, there can be an issue like a skin illness.

Fig plants give various yields relying upon the assortment. Around 250 fig plants can be established in a one-hectare field, and around 20 kg of natural product can be gotten from one plant. The market cost of figs is tracked down between 500 to 800, relying upon the quality, as per which rancher siblings can procure great pay up to 30 lakhs by developing figs in a one-hectare field.

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