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Everything You need to know Psychic ONE DOZEN EGG SPELLS

A Great Workers of the Past


From Bottle Up and Go !: The Magic of Hoodoo Container Spells in Boxes, Bags, Bowls, Baskets, and Jars by Catherine Yronwode and Lara Rivera © 2020 Catherine Yronwode and Lara Rivera:

Traditionally, whole raw eggs are used for cleansing, but stuffed eggs are found in a variety of mantras. Sometimes raw eggs are beaten and filled with magical ingredients. Sometimes a hole is made and the ingredients are inserted into the egg with a knife or shaken inside with a heated pin.

  1. An egg for protection

On April 6, 1939, at Henry Timmons’ house in Florence, South Carolina, “Informant No. 1321” told Reverend Heat: “If anyone is trying to harm you, especially if he is in your neighborhood. Take an egg and get some dirt from the graveyard. [Dirt] Dauber Nest, cooking salt, and sulfur, fix it [inside the egg and the egg] under the stairs. ”

  1. A fixed egg to end a new relationship

If the person you care for has met a new friend and you want to prevent that friendship from growing, carefully break the egg endpoint so that the contents come out. Place the egg shell in a jar in a dark place to dry overnight. Cook the eggs and eat them yourself. Don’t give it to anyone else. The next morning, write a small piece of paper with the names of the two people on it and draw a line through the name of the new friend.

Put it in the eggshell. Fill the eggshell with red pepper, poppy seeds, and black mustard seeds, seal it, and take it to an overpass where cars or trains run. Shake it as you say, “Lord, these two are not good for each other and if they do not stay apart then trouble will surely come. Break this friendship and let it be forgotten.” Then toss the egg from the overpass where it will break and go up.

  1. Run someone in an egg with their name

In March 1938, in New Orleans, Louisiana, a route worker is known as “Informant # 810″ told Reverend Hyatt the magic: Take out the name of a person and write it down nine times, but the name paper in this egg shell and close it [with wax]. Throw it in the river, and as long as that egg continues to float and He will be swept away in the river, he will be dragged away, he will be swept away. ”

  1. Putting dynamite in an egg and beating someone

The Newbell Niles Packet gave an old hooded spell collected by Fannie de Bergen in 1890: “Drill a hole in the egg and stir the gunpowder into its contents.” Bergen did not say how to use magic, but it is customary to hide such eggs under an enemy’s house so that they could be caught unawares or to tell them that a spiritual war has begun. Throw it on the door and break it.

  1. Running away from an unwanted neighbor

It cannot be used on enemies in tall buildings but works with single storey houses. Write the neighbors’ names on an egg, chew it with a thin knife, and use the knife to use gunpowder for fighting, graveyard dirt for grief, red pepper powder to drive them away, and sulfur powder to send them to hell. Do Throw the egg at their house so that it breaks on the other side.

  1. Make someone crazy with hair in an egg

In March 1937, in Norfolk, Virginia, Dr. Paul Bowles told Reverend Hyatt, “Pierce a hole in an egg and pull it out, put a man’s head hair in it, write that person’s name on the egg shell.” Seal it. Pierce it [with soft wax], and throw the egg in running water. It drives the person crazy. ”

  1. Kill someone with a chicken egg in a bird’s nest

In October 1939, Reverend Hyatt learned the spelling “Informant 1520” from a professional route worker in Memphis, Tennessee:

“If you want someone to die, you take a black hen’s egg and put it in a bird’s nest and when the sun dries it out, why, it kills them. How do you do that?” Well, you write the person’s name in ink on the egg, and you run four needles or four long black hats through it. First, you put one through one end and one through the other, lengthwise of the egg, and they will cross each other in the middle.


Then you go from side to side. You run the third one through from one side to the other, and you turn it over and run the fourth one through the other way, crosswise. Also, you cross the four of them, to make a cross inside the egg.

You use a spool of black thread and wrap that up nine times and tie a knot, and nine times more and tie a knot, and keep doing that, nine times and a knot. You wrap it up good and use the whole spool of thread so that nobody can tell it’s an egg, and you put that in a bird’s nest, up in the tree. When you do that you’re wavering a person’s mind — you’re running a person crazy. And when that egg dries up, they will die.”

  1. Breaking of a black bottle in the graveyard

Start with an empty black bottle of brandy or any black bottle with a screw cap. If you don’t have one, paint a clean bottle with three coats of black nail polish. Get a picture of everyone. If it shows them together, cut it in two.

Cross everyone’s face with skepticism with X: “He doesn’t want you, he’s looking at another woman, you’re not good enough for him, he’s going to leave you.” Keep each picture in the bottle separately. Break an egg into a bowl, use a coffin nail with pepper, black mustard seeds, and black salt, pour the mixture into a bottle, and top with vinegar. Make two holes in the bottle cap with the nail, insert the nail, and cap it. Bury him upside down on the ground.

  1. The water of war to drive out bad neighbors

In 1931, Zora Neil Hurston wrote in “Hoodoo in America” ​​that “take a fresh black egg, make such a big hole to get the egg out, and [neighbors’] names, pepper sauce, and [ Prepared] Fill the mustard and eggs and soak them in warm water for nine days and throw them on top of the house, it will cross the house and they will have to go far. graveyard, saying, “Your love for each other will end and die! Like an egg is broken, like vinegar is sour, like dead earth goes, your love Let him die! Let him die! Let him die! ”

  1. Sending an enemy away

Write the name of your enemy in pencil on the black chicken egg. Soak the egg in vinegar for four days which you have added red pepper and black salt. At midnight on the ninth day, take the egg to an intersection and, holding the egg in your hand, dance around the fork of the road, send a curse on your enemy, and send your hatred into the egg. At the height of your dance. Quickly throw the egg to the ground, and break it. Then walk away quietly and quietly, and not look back.

  1. Enabling a child to use teeth without pain

Take a raw egg. Write the baby’s name on it in ink, and place it in a muslin sack. Hang it on the baby’s bedroom door. The egg will dry out, and the baby will gnash its teeth without pain.

  1. Five Finger Grass protects your home.

People say that if you hang a bag of Five Fingergrass on a chimney screen. Hidden behind a picture or a mirror. No one will be able to get you out of the house. Similarly, a bag can be hung on your bed to protect you from evil while you sleep.

If you blow-dry the egg, fill it with five-finger grass, and close the hole with wax. Keep it hidden in the house. Then the family will be safe from enemies.

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