Environmentally Feasible Material for Custom Food Boxes

Custom Food Boxes

The quality of food is not enough to attract new customers or happily serve the older ones. You need the quality and convenience of custom food boxes to pack your food hygienically that influence people towards your brand.

With a recent increase in the food-delivery trend, how you are delivering your food is another matter of concern. If your food is not reaching fresh with all hygiene factors met or fails to keep its proper shape, then you need to consider it again.

Custom Boxes for Food not only ensure the safety of food but enable your customers to attract to your food chain through branding. Choosing the right material and the right graphics and logo can create your separate brand identity.

Ordering food boxes from icustomboxes was never easy before. With numerous options to connect with us, you can place your order through the customer care helpline or by visiting our website.

Environmentally feasible material for Custom food boxes

Although at icustomboxes, you are free to choose any packaging material for the food you like. There are plenty of material options that are fully supportive of a better environment and consist of:

• Carboard

• Kraft

Corrugated Cardboard

Material is used with best-quality options and ensures 100% recyclable and reusable features within manufacturing them.

Custom food boxes offered by us have all ingredients to fit all your needs in any situation.

Discover our unique range of personalized food boxes for your food needs:

The food industry is replete with a variety of unique food products, including food and beverages. Within the food category, there is an unlimited number of food chains and restaurants that are offering a variety of options.

Many food items in different categories may encompass within same food boxes but others require a completely different style of food boxes.

With a vast industry experience, we at icustomboxes have a variety of packaging options such as:

Custom Burger Boxes

• Chocolate boxes

Candy Boxes

Snack Boxes

• Popcorn Boxes

• Cake Boxes

Pie Boxes

• Pizza Boxes

• Fries boxes

Wrap Boxes

• Cereal Boxes

Selecting the right custom food boxes styles after careful evaluation of all choices we offer:

Selection and packaging for food items with the right kind of custom food boxes are necessary but compulsory for better brand recognition. Choosing the wrong style of food boxes to pack your tasty food and your consumer will never listen to you again.

Equipping your custom food boxes with high-class material is not enough and you need to give them an alluring look. Adding attractive colors and designs can bring a class of high-quality brands that can inspire your target customers.

Our variety of styling range has everything for everyone with different desires and varying needs. You must check our extensive range of styles before finalizing any for your custom food boxes.

The styles of our food boxes are attractive and interesting with encouraging features that can fulfill any of your food packaging needs. what variety of options do we have in our range? Let’s examine jointly:

• Gable bag tuck end:

It is a very convenient option to carry food anywhere around due to the unique tuck and lock mechanism with carrying space.

• Surfaced Boxes – Simple:

Ideal for common use with food like burgers or pizza with variations in sizes and materials. Customizing colors as needed is also easy to manage.

• Die-Cut Window Boxes:

The most common type of food box, perfect for bakery items, where people can conveniently sneak through inside to authenticate the items inside.

• Paper cones:

Elegant-looking and uniquely crafted paper cones are suitable for different food items by street vendors. Whether you want to pack fries or nimko, this is an ideal option.

• Chinese food boxes:

Chinese food boxes are quite common these days where many Chinese food items from food carts are available. besides the many Chinese products are coming assembled within these matching boxes.

• Popcorn Bags:

Popcorn boxes are probably the most popular and recognizable food packaging option you can find anywhere.  Especially, to serve popcorn at the near cinema would not be like by anybody to miss.

Convenience to choose the right printing techniques:

As experts and attentive to current racing trends, at icustomboxes we offer advanced printing techniques over our competitors. In addition to selecting the CMYK and PMS Color versions, we have the following printing methods available:

· Offset Printing

· Digital printing

The use of these methods varies from need and situation and you may find one little expensive to another but using it for the right reason can save you a lot. Besides that, you can avail valuable discounts by ordering our custom food boxes wholesale to reduce the cost of packaging.

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