Tips for Increasing Your Brand’s Instagram Followers

With all the rivalry in Instagram and its constantly changing algorithms, companies must figure out how to capture users’ attention in a way that keeps them from scrolling away.

It’s time to accept that gaining more Instagram followers isn’t as simple as it once was. There’s a time when uploading a photo with a handful of hashtags on Instagram could earn at least another hundred followers. The social media landscape changes rapidly, and gaining followers isn’t as easy as it was in the past. There are still strategies you can employ to grow your company’s Instagram followers, even in a time that seems to make it impossible. Many influencers invest in buying Instagram Followers Canada to boost their accounts an initial boost.

With the amount of competition with so many other brands on Instagram and the ever-changing algorithm, companies must figure out how to get the attention of users to prevent them from scrolling away. We’ve come up with the most effective ways to grow your Instagram following and give your brand the respect it deserves, which will make you an Instagram professional within a matter of minutes.

Find the perfect date to publish

You may not believe it, but (but you must) the time at which you choose to publish your Instagram content has a significant impact on the performance of your Instagram. But with all hours of the week and, for the most part, seven days in a week, the choice of the time to post your content may seem daunting. A quick internet search can help establish the basis for your Instagram content calendar to avoid the stress when trying to determine it yourself.

Many social media blogs and software for managing social media have conducted the necessary research to determine the most appropriate times when to make posts on Instagram, which gives users the ability to post with confidence and makes it easier to conduct research. However, don’t settle for the recommended timeframes. Each audience is unique and could appear on Instagram at times that diverge from the “most popular” times. Take the general data as a basis for your posting schedule and make adjustments to your posting times as you figure out the most effective times for your particular audience.

Work With other companies

It can be counterintuitive to join forces with other brands you compete with; however, collaborating on content could bring you known Instagram fans from another demographic. Working with a brand on Instagram will expose you and your brand to a whole new audience by sharing each other’s Instagram followers and expanding your social media reach.

Feel no worries if you’re brand new to Instagram or haven’t previously partnered with a different brand. It’s much easier than you thought to get in touch and is a massive move towards growing the Instagram following. Begin by identifying brands you think your users are likely to enjoy. It is good to verify their brand’s values to ensure that they align with your own. This can aid in avoiding any problems which could compromise the future of your collaboration.

If you’re confident that the two are an ideal match, contact them and request to join forces with them. If you can secure an agreement, make the most of the exposure gained by creating interesting Instagram content that promotes the two brands. Think about creating specific hashtags to announce the partnership or even a giveaway to draw the attention of their followers. The partnership’s goal is to increase awareness of both brand names and gain new Instagram followers who may eventually turn into customers.

Be aware of hashtags

If you’re trying to reach new people through Instagram, hashtags are the best way to take. It’s not enough to choose a handful of random hashtags that are popular and then call it an entire day. While it’s a beautiful idea, as it may be, popular hashtags can only take your posts up to a certain extent; fortunately, there’s another kind of hashtags that can increase your Instagram followers.

It’s also known as it’s known as the “niche hashtags.” A niche hashtag focuses on a specific area of interest; for instance, photographers in New York should consider using #newyorkphotographer instead of the well-known hashtag #photographer (which has been utilized in over 168 million posts and more than). Put specific hashtags in the content of your Instagram content. You’ll get people who are already interested in your field. And you can help increase the awareness of your brand’s name in the Instagram community.

Beyond the standard post

Do not limit your content to photos. Instagram provides a wide array of features that can help you give a memorable experience to your customers. With features such as video or IGTV, you’ll have the ability to provide more options for users to interact with your company.

IGTV is a fantastic method to try out longer-form content on Instagram. And they help to discover how your followers prefer to interact with your business. But don’t be compelled to jump in and create a seven-minute video. Begin by posting one video each week, and see how your followers react to it compared to a standard posting.

Utilize Geotagging

Have you heard the expression “location, location, location”? Although it is typically employed about a property, the phrase definitely can be applied to Instagram. This is why geotagging can help. It allows users to keep their content at an exact location and tag the post with those coordinates. Your Instagram posts become instantly accessible to those looking for that specific area with geotags.

There are many ways to utilize geotagging features beyond the standard posts. Instagram gives users the option to geotag their posts using Stickers on Stories or hashtags specific to locations. Are you interested in the places where people talk about your brand most? Use the Instagram Explore page to search your company’s name or even a physical storefront. This will give you an understanding of the places your followers are discussing your brand and how broad your reach is in terms of geography.

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