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The concept of health is difficult to grasp. If we say that an individual is healthy, this means to the casual observer that the individual is exercising and has no indications of disease.

For the clinical man, it is about following specific guidelines such as estimates of biochemical standards, rates and physiological rules, etc.

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Even these standards change with age, race or exercise, food susceptibilities to starvation, the environmental conditions, height and so on. It’s been extremely difficult for scientists concerned about human health to establish particular well-being standards and define the concept of health in a certain manner.

Dr jay feldman, based on the background of history in medical Services, we see various medical frameworks or recovering forms were developed in diverse locations of the globe in various institutions of the civic sphere.

However, in no context did there exist a clear definition of the term “well-being.

In the Oxford word, “well-being” refers to the ability to be free of suffering illness, injury, or facts; or something that demonstrates the actual state of being in good health.

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“Well-being is a condition of complete physical, mental and social prosperity and not just a shortfall of illness or sickness. With such a definition could be difficult to define and standardize positive wellbeing with clear distinct characteristics and guidelines for estimating.

A person could feel a surge of his mental vigor and enthusiasm to do any task. They could also be willing to tackle any type of work. But, he may have a minor injury or lack of it, or even an unintentional illness that has an unsettling, minor effect that doesn’t make him feel angry at his routine workouts.

In the event that he doesn’t have any worries that he is able to work. In normal circumstances, other people may consider him as a solid person however, the anxiety could frequently be driving him mad.

Medical Services, Social wealth is dependent on the change in mental health of the individual with respect to the people.


In any event the individual may be performing his duties regularly , which would cause others to judge his health.

If when he reaches a point of breaking and behaves in a different manner. The acts with such force and his thoughts becomes apparent to be observed and interpreted by other people.

We can see an arc of autonomy from disorder to greater health and positive wellbeing in it.

It is a little easier to define than health. It refers to the condition of the body’s health where something has gone out badly and is causing disruption to the body’s Norman components, which includes the brain.

 As was pointed out to in the previous sections, the general health of a person could be able to move toward good Medical Services health based on enhancement of wellbeing through nutritious food, healthy drinking water, safe environments for everyday life. and a healthy work environment as well as a high level of personal cleanliness and others, or the depletion of health due to poor or inadequate fooditems, food contamination or water or skin, or due to external injuries, mishaps and more.

To maintain a healthy well-being These are crucial:

1. Enough food sources that are legal

2. Enough safe drinking water

3. An authentic haven that has adequate ventilation and lighting

4. Legitimate dress

5. Exercise, work that is legitimate, relaxation, and entertainment

6. Legal social situations that allow for amicable presence as well as work

7. Affordable security against fear of any kind

It could be due to for instance, at the very least one of the reasons:

1. Hereditary traits

2. Genetic distortion or mutation

These are the primary factors.

Modern research on disease transmission has revealed another causation explanation that accounts for the greater proportion of the illnesses. The initial or immediate causes could be a result of a natural cause, horrendous carcinogenic, contamination and so on. But, aside from the primary cause, a myriad of motives that are not so obvious and in the wrong direction have been suggested,

 This is the main cause. Other causes that can lead people towards the disease caused by tubercule bacillus could include food poisoning, poor nutrition poor ventilation, heavy workload, exhaustion, etc.

It is possible to be believe that the factors are financially related. The financial ramifications that arise due to the unnatural way of doing business, the insufficient food supply, etc are in addition to social and human factors like awful approaches to routine, habits, desires to believe in, strange ideas, beliefs and so on.

We have plenty of food resources that are readily available locally in the rural field. However, the potential for these resources to be so great that the people don’t even know what they can eat and how to gauge the amount of food.

Social and human elements are the most dominant factors in any local or general public location. In countries with high incomes, many metabolic diseases like weight and heart ailments as well as infections caused by air pollution as well as other ailments are on the rise due to the social norms.



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