Decorative toy box – storage space for the children’s room

Toys are important for children and often there is more of them in the playroom or children’s room than seems to fit in at all. remote control semi truck toy So where to put it at the end of the day? So that you can store the toys or books and clothes in a space-saving way, there are several options such as a toy box or a play basket. Which of them is best for you depends entirely on what things and how many you want to store. We have put together a few good tips for every taste.

What types of toy boxes are there?

So if you have decided to purchase such a container for storing the children’s toys, you should first keep one essential point in mind – not all toy box is the same. In fact, these handy boxes are available in all sorts of different variations. This starts with the color. Whether blue, red, green, yellow, or in certain thematic orientations. In addition, they differ in size and material and have additional interesting properties.

Fabric box

The most famous toy box is a box made of sturdy fabric. It is so small that even children can easily lift or move it. Optionally, there are these boxes with and without lids and with child-friendly motifs and in funny colors. They fit on shelves or under a desk and are suitable for light items. Due to the lower stability, cuddly toys, dolls, small toys, or crayons should find their place here.

Plastic box

For larger and heavy toys, a plastic play box is suitable. There are different variants, also with and without lids, which are also stackable. Depending on their size, they can be pushed onto a shelf, but can also be easily stacked in the corner.

Also practical is a large and very stable storage box, in which not only a lot of toys can be accommodated, but which also represents a seating area. These plastic chests require a little more space but can be excellently integrated into the nursery. Children can also sit on it if they just want to read something.


In addition, there is the simple soft storage basket, in which the children can independently put away their small toys after playing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a toy box?

A few advantages and disadvantages result from the material used alone.


There are also toy boxes made of wood, for example, which are extremely robust and free of harmful substances. They are fashionable and timeless and show your environmental awareness as they are even recyclable. But unfortunately, they are often too heavy for the children to push them around without any problems and they can also injure themselves on a splinter. In addition, wooden boxes are more expensive than textile boxes or plastic boxes.


The plastic box can be easily moved by children, as it weighs little and is usually equipped with additional castors. Most of them are also stackable and therefore particularly space-saving. Unfortunately, they often seem a bit cheap and can break quickly.


Toy costs made of fabric are the cheapest alternative and are usually environmentally friendly and recyclable. If necessary, they can even be folded up and stored in a space-saving manner until the next use. It is also very light and carries no risk of injury. Unfortunately, it cannot be filled with heavy toys, as it is somewhat unstable and therefore usually not stackable.

What do I have to pay attention to when buying a toy box?


As with all the furniture and toys you buy for your child, you have to pay attention to good quality above all. It is important that the toy box is free of harmful substances, which is usually only the case with the somewhat expensive branded products. Here you can orient yourself on the test seals and material information.


Apart from that, the boxes should above all be age-appropriate. So make sure that your child doesn’t get injured and can use and fill them risk-free. For small children, toy boxes that are easy to move and on which you can climb around safely are interesting. Older children pay more attention to the design and want to have their favorite motifs from film and television on the boxes if possible.


Finally, you should also pay attention to the size of the box. What items do you want to store? If you need several boxes, where can you store them? Should they be stackable or should they all fit on one shelf? If you want a seat box, where can it stand permanently and be nicely integrated into the room?

Conclusion: Which toy box is suitable for my child?

Apart from the quality, you should also pay attention to the age of the child in terms of shape, design and size. The child must be able to handle the box easily and must not be exposed to any risk of injury.

Your choice should also take into account the space requirements and the room size. Is there enough space in the children’s room for a children’s bench or a stool? Or do you need boxes that you can put on shelves? How many toys do you want to accommodate in it?

Finally, of course, it’s also about the main character – your child. Which design and color does it love? After all, he should enjoy the box and like to put his toys in it. best rc cars for kids and as it gets older, you can exchange the boxes for larger and more stable ones. Also, the preference for certain designs or patterns will not persist for several years.

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