5 Benefits of Having a Roof Rack in a Car for Road Trips

The experiential travel associated with road trips facilitates a wholesome and memorable travel experience through captivating landscapes. However, road trips include plenty of luggage, including items that may not fit into your car trunk or passenger cavity. 

Therefore, a roof rack is an essential car accessory for those traveling on the open road because it maximizes car function and keeps your vehicle adventure-ready. Although car roof racks may vary in design models and price points, they serve more or less similar functions. Therefore, every adventure lover should know the top five car rack benefits below. 

It Can Enhance Your Cargo Capacity 

Sedans and SUVs typically have limited boot cavity capacities that may not fit all the items necessary for your road trip itinerary. However, a roof rack or cargo carrier is a practical solution for when you need to enhance your vehicle’s cargo capacity for a road trip. 

Some vehicles come prefixed with compatible roof racks, while others require that you purchase a roof rack separately. However, a quick localized search should help you identify a car accessory shop selling cargo carriers compatible with your vehicle. For instance, if you live in Sydney, searching roof rack Sydney on the internet should help you identify a trustworthy roof rack vendor. 

A defender roof rack helps complement the limited luggage space in a vehicle’s boot cavity. Therefore, you can carry more luggage than your boot and passenger cavity can hold.  

Second, car trunk cavities are restrictive spaces that prove efficient while packing compact luggage like boxes but inefficient for larger and asymmetrical luggage. Therefore, they may not hold wider loads with irregular shapes, e.g., a bicycle, although such luggage may not be particularly heavy. However, roof racks have more room and are less restrictive when you intend to carry wider, lighter outdoor gear. Moreover, they free you to pack your truck more efficiently.  

Nonetheless, before loading extra luggage onto your roof rack, you must consider your car’s payload. The payload is the total weight your vehicle’s manufacturer intended it to carry, including passenger weight and cargo. Exceeding your vehicle’s payload puts additional strain on vital parts, including the engine, tires, and brakes, accelerating wear and tear and inflating maintenance costs. 

It Can Save You Money on Gear 

The additional cargo room created on a roof rack saves you money that you would have otherwise spent on gear like trailers to carry additional equipment. Alternatively, a roof rack also saves you the funds you would have otherwise spent renting gear that you own yet could not carry. 

Roof racks are customizable and allow for flexible functions when packing your outdoor gear. Therefore, you can get roof racks suited for strapping specific outdoor gear, including bicycles, surfboards, and rooftop tents, making your travel costs more affordable. 

It Can Protect Your Gear 

As stated above, car boot cavities have rigid spaces that make it impossible to pack some travel gear efficiently. So, you may have to resort to unsavory packing methods if you lack a roof rack.  

One such method includes leaving your car trunk open and facilitating luggage overhang for wider, longer cardo. While such “creative” solutions may seem efficient, they leave your luggage susceptible to hostile weather elements, including sun, wind, rain, and snow.  

However, roof racks make protecting your travel gear from harsh weather elements easier because most racks come with weatherproof cargo carrier bags for protective purposes. Alternatively, you can also modify weatherproof protection by covering your gear with a weatherproof tarp.  

Second, car racks feature functional designs with crossbars for holding fastening ropes, bungee cords, and cargo nets that hold your gear in place. The crossbars and fastening apparatus prevent constant movement resulting in dents and other forms of damage that can compromise your gear’s functional integrity.  

It Makes Road Travel More Comfortable 

The defining characteristic of road trips is that they are long, meaning you will spend hours seated. Sitting in a similar position with little to no wriggle room is uncomfortable, not to mention unhealthy.  

According to one expert review, staying seated in cramped and awkward spaces for extended hours while traveling causes muscle tension. Moreover, it also puts you at risk of developing blood clots in your legs. Packing bulky luggage that spills over into the car’s passenger cabin reduces legroom and forces you and your traveling companions to adopt awkward postures while traveling, which makes matters worse. 

However, you can make your road trip journey much more comfortable by using a cargo carrier to make more room in the car hatch and passenger cabin. A roomy passenger cabin gives you the leeway to change posture and adjust your body position accordingly, reducing your risk of health issues related to poor posture. 

It Enhances Your Safety on The Road 

Having a roof rack allows you to distribute the cargo evenly on your car, giving you better directional control while driving. Second, it prevents you from driving with your car hatch door open due to cargo overhang as the cargo overhang can obstruct your field of vision, making you a danger to yourself and fellow road users. 


Roof racks provide a cost-effective tool for ensuing safe yet comfortable road travel. Moreover, the car accessory is affordable and easy to install, so consider purchasing a suitable carrier for your car and making road travel positively memorable.  

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