What Resume Format To Use For Different Situations

Your resume is the first document that employers will look for. In this competitive industry, it is important to stand out. If you get the attention of employers with your resume, you may earn a job interview. There are different templates and formats available to use. However, most formats are suitable for those who excel in all factors like work history and experience. The following are the best resume formats to use if you do not have enough experience for your work history or if you keep on changing career paths. So if you are a fresh graduate or if you constantly change career tracks. 

Targeted Resume

If you have adequate experience in a specific career track or field, this format is the best one to use. For example, this format is the best if you have been a badminton trainer for years, were a badminton athlete, and have taken a sports-related course. You have studied sports, so you know what you have to know about sports. You have experienced being a badminton player and applied the things you’ve learned. And if you have taught badminton in academics or coached. Your history would show that you know what you are doing and have done that for a long time. You have even tried applying your knowledge in real life. You already possess the necessary work experience, educational background, skills, and knowledge. You can apply as a professional badminton trainer, analyst, or even a badminton coach in a school. This resume format is best if you have adequate experience in a specific field. This format would help you convince the employers that you are the best candidate for the position you are applying for.

Functional Resume

Being a fresh graduate and looking for a job is never and will never be easy. You are the newbies, and you are at the bottom of the food chain. You have less experience, knowledge, and skills than your seniors; they are of a different caliber. This may be a similar situation for those who constantly change career tracks. Though you have a wider variety of experience compared to the others, you still lack in the field you are applying for. The skills you have may not be relevant to the position you are applying for, or the knowledge you have meat not match the ones needed for that position.

Getting stuck at this kind of disadvantage still has a solution. You may lack experience, but you can still work your way out. You can use the functional resume format. This format focuses on your skills and strengths. You may not have the experience they are looking for, but you may convince the hiring managers with your character and potential. You can add the skills you possess that are useful to every field, like communication and interpersonal skills. Your job experience may not be relevant to the one you are applying for now, but the skills you have is still useful. In the workplace, it is very important to know how to communicate well and to get along with your workmates. Good character and attitude are harder to find than technical skills. You can also use your educational background. It may not be the course you took itself but the clubs you’ve joined. This is another way to show your skills and strengths. Being in organizations will reflect how competent and courageous you are. 

Applying for a job with clear disadvantages may be discouraging but do not give up. Dedication and tenacity are one of the traits that employers look for regardless of the field. Just remember to use what you have to your advantage.

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