Top 3 Strategies for a Successful Job Search

As is often the case today, technology has revamped the way the job search world runs, making it easier and more complicated at the same time. If you’re new to the workforce, or it’s been a while since you’ve had to hunt for a position, there’s a lot to learn.

A decade ago, a potential candidate could show up or go online, submit their application, and wait for a phone call asking for an interview. Now, if you want to show that you’re truly interested in a position, especially if it’s in demand, you have to go a few steps further.

The better you utilize certain strategies in your career path, the more likely you are to land that ideal job you’re eyeing. But the strategy-based job hunt starts long before you’re submitting your resumes. Here are three of the top tips for a successful job search that you should be employing now.

  1. Focus on Your Reputation

You already know you’re a good fit for the job you want, but hiring managers don’t realize that yet. When you apply for a professional position, employers will want to check out your reputation. 

The two primary methods used are reference checks and an online search. What a potential employer sees is up to you and how you built your character and reputation before you applied.

Start Building Your Reputation Now

Some basic ways you can foster and cultivate a strong reputation, online and in-person, in your career include:

  • Keeping your social media platforms private
  • Not posting anything that would be seen as unprofessional to hiring managers in your dream career
  • Working well with colleagues, clients, and managers in all your jobs to ensure positive responses from references
  • Creating profiles on LinkedIn and various professional networking sites, so these appear in an online search for your name

These simple steps guarantee that you’ll be ahead of many of the other applicants who don’t realize that their online reputation will precede them. It’s another case where internet technology makes culling out candidates easier for the manager but more complicated for the seeker.

  1. Search in the Right Places

Job search engines are a dime a dozen. You can go to any of them and submit your resume, but you won’t find a lot of specialized job openings on many of them.

To find work in the industry you want to get hired in, you’ll need to search on platforms that those hiring companies use. For instance, Indeed and Monster are popular for general job seekers. But a physician opening in a medical facility is more likely to be posted on a healthcare job board.

Narrow Down the Results With Keywords

During your search, use as many specific keywords as possible, especially if you’re using a generalized job platform. Otherwise, you’ll end up weeding through a lot of irrelevant listings.

Keyword tagging is a science that recruiters have mastered. It’s not uncommon for a job posting to have popular keywords tagged to it that aren’t accurate. 

This strategy makes the posting more visible, bringing in viewers that might not have seen it otherwise. It’s a great technique for the employer, but it’s not beneficial for you. 

To get around it, use industry-specific, niche keywords when possible. For example, if you’re looking for a position in healthcare, include the field of specialty, the city you want to work in, and other details, like salary. You may have to gradually adjust the search terms to find more openings, but you won’t be spending hours narrowing your searches down.

  1. Put Effort Into First Impressions

The first impression a potential employer gets of you is usually how they determine your hiring status. Candidate applications and interviews run the gamut from overly business-like and formal to casual and unprofessional. You need to fall somewhere in between.

The very first sense of who you are comes from your application, which is why introducing yourself through a cover letter is a smart job search strategy. Take the time to check over your application and resume for errors. Mistakes on these documents show employers you’re not detail-oriented.

When you land an interview, put effort into how you dress, getting to the appointment on time, and ensuring you’ve read up on the company. Have a few questions in mind that show you know what you’re talking about, and, before you sign a contract, ask for time to have it reviewed by a contract lawyer.

These small actions on your part go a long way toward creating a strong early impression.


Finding a job right now is as simple as walking into a business with a “Help Wanted” sign on the door. There’s definitely a shortage of people willing to work. 

Yet, when you want a career in a particularly competitive field, you have to play by the job hunt rules. These three strategies will put you ahead of the game and help you land that coveted position quickly.

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