Is Halal Cosmetics a Symbol Of Inclusivity?

Non-inclusion has been one of the biggest problems in the beauty industry for years. This led to ignoring the needs of a substantial part of the population. Nowadays, halal cosmetics have become a buzzword for products characterized by diversity and inclusion.  

The buzz about halal beauty and cosmetics is not new. However, it has now been redefined as a symbol of inclusivity and diversity. From breathable nail polish to skincare products, more and more people are now becoming customers of the halal cosmetic market. 

The halal cosmetic market has been growing and is expected to grow even more in the future. The article focuses on how and why halal cosmetics have become a symbolic inclusive solution in the beauty industry. 

What is Halal Cosmetics?

The term halal is Arabic in origin and means anything permissible or lawful under Islamic principles. The common belief is that it applies to edible items only; however, the principle of consuming halal products includes everything from what you eat to what you wear and consume.

Halal cosmetics are makeup products that are manufactured targeting the Muslim population. These products do not include any Haram ingredients in it. The common ingredients that differentiate traditional cosmetics from halal ones are alcohols, animal by-products, and ingredients obtained from insects, reptiles, and other animals.

Lack of Diversity in the Beauty Industry

The lack of diversity has been a leading criticism of the fashion and beauty industry. The nonavailability of products for people of color and the lack of personalization narrowed the scope of this industry.

Moreover, there was no specific range of products for Muslim consumers concerned about the product’s ingredients.

The increasing trend of veganism and animal protection also repelled consumers away from the already existing products in the market. As a result, the market became incapable of catering to the needs of customers. 

Importance of Inclusivity in Beauty Industry

Diversity and inclusivity are vital to the beauty industry. In today’s era of globalization, it is essential for beauty brands to promote inclusivity through their products. The increasing consumer awareness has led customers to prefer brands that only offer the highest quality but also promote other social values. 

People want to feel included and represented by their favorite brands. On the other hand, diversity is a key to profitability also. The wider the scope of your products is, the more customers will be drawn towards your brand. Lacking diversity can lead brands to miss a large portion of the customer base. 

How do Halal Cosmetics Promote Inclusivity?


Halal cosmetics have proven to be a breakthrough in promoting diversity and inclusivity in the beauty industry. It caters to the needs of people of all colors, religions, ages, and gender. Here is how halal cosmetics are gradually becoming a symbol of inclusivity. 

Free from Toxic Ingredients

Traditional cosmetics contain chemical ingredients to enhance their life and performance. These chemicals can lead to allergies and irritation on the skin and are, therefore, harmful to people with sensitive skin. Therefore, such people look for products free from such ingredients. 

Halal cosmetics do not contain harsh and toxic chemicals that are usually used in cosmetic products. They are perfect for all skin types and don’t harm the skin. People who have sensitive skin can opt for halal cosmetics to enhance their beauty without compromising their skin. 


Veganism has become a movement more than a trend. It implies the idea of not hurting animals for any of the consumer goods. It is not only limited to animal-derived edible goods but all substances included in any good, including cosmetics. Earlier, there were no cosmetics to cater to the needs of vegans, and they were a major missing in the beauty industry.

Most halal cosmetic brands manufacture completely vegan products. The vegan alternatives of animal-based products are equally effective in substituting animal-based ingredients. It serves the chunk of vegan customers neglected by other makeup brands. 


Did you know makeup products are tested on animals before they are made available in the market? In this process, several animals are hurt, leading to permanent disabilities and sometimes death. Animal activists and other conscious consumers prefer not to use such products. 

Islamic principles prohibit hurting animals for the production or testing of any product. Do you know what is halal nail polish? It is a halal cosmetic product that is not tested on animals. Similarly, other halal cosmetic items are also cruelty-free, which means they are not tested on animals. You can have a guilt-free beauty routine with halal cosmetics. 

Wide Range of Skin Tones

Halal cosmetics target Muslim consumers who live all around the world. The geographical difference results in variations in skin tones and types. Therefore, halal cosmetics are made to cater to the needs of various skin tones ranging from light to dark and deep. 

This has been a leading reason for the beauty industry’s lack of diversity and inclusivity. People of color who were ignored in the traditional beauty industry now find the perfect products for their skin types. This is a significant factor contributing to making halal cosmetics the game changer in this industry. 

The Rising Demand for Halal Cosmetics

Google searches for terms like halal beauty, cosmetics, halal nail polish, and skincare have surged significantly. This indicates the shift of consumers from traditional to halal beauty products. The people searching for these terms are not only Muslims. It includes everyone who is curious to learn about these products due to their unique features.

The increasing demand creates an opportunity for other brands to switch to halal beauty products. Or else, they can diversify their product range by incorporating the idea of halal beauty. 


Halal cosmetics have become an exemplary symbol of diversity and inclusion. The availability of a wide range of beauty products allows consumers to choose the best products according to their personal preferences. Mersi Cosmetics is an exceptional brand promoting sustainability, inclusion, and consumer-friendly products through its wide range of halal nail polish. The best collection of different shades is perfect for your favorite looks.

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