We finally have the secret to glowing Korean skin

It is not just the Korean music and dramas that have enamored the global population, but their skin has also made us sigh with envy. 

Korean beauty has been gaining global traction because of the flawless skins that most Korean people have. Their skincare routine is exhaustive, which is perhaps why they have smooth and glassy skin. 

However, Korean beauty does not come easy. It involves following a strict regimen, and a lot of discipline. The skincare routine involves 10-steps that ought to be done daily, at one time. 

But if you have some special skin condition, you should always confer with Skin Specialists in Rawalpindi before introducing new products to your skincare regimen. 

Korean beauty principles: The 10-step rule 

Oil cleanse 

Oil cleanse is done to remove the product and impurities that are oil-based. Often, many of our makeup products don’t get completely off by washing with water and cleanser, since their base is in oil. 

Moreover, our skin also naturally produces oil, too much of which can lead to breakouts. Therefore, using oil-based cleanser allows for a more comprehensive cleansing routine.

Water-based cleanser 

After removing all the oil-based impurities, Korean skincare routine then involves using a water-based cleanser. It helps in removing the remaining impurities, giving you a clean skin as a result.

When getting the cleanser, try to opt for a foaming one, since it has a mild impact on your skin. It also aids in improving the appearance of your skin. 


Once you are done with cleaning, turn to exfoliation. Remember, this step should not be done daily, but after every other day. Exfoliation helps in improving skin cell turnover. 

Furthermore, exfoliation also helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells, which otherwise form a layer, cause the complexion to become dull and cause the pores to become clogged. 

However, refrain from using physical exfoliant, as that can be too harsh for the fragile facial skin. Chemical exfoliants, like AHA and BHA are a better choice. 


Toners help in making your skin look fresh, because they help in balancing the pH of the skin. If the pH fluctuates, many skin problems can occur. Moreover, toners are also effective for unclogging the pores as well. However, if your skin is dry, don’t go for the astringent, alcohol-based toners. 


Essence helps in protecting and hydrating the skin. They also are aimed at preventing skin infections. This product is especially exclusive to the Korean skincare culture. 


Serums offer targeted treatment of various skin issues, like dryness, pigmentation etc. Depending on what your skin concern is, you then address it in this step. 

Sheet masks

Sheet masks are an absolute favorite of the Koreans. These masks help in delivering serum and moisture to your face. Most masks tend to go on for about 10 to 20 minutes. However, this step is not to be done daily; couple of times a week should suffice. 

Eye cream

The area around the eyes is very delicate, and is subjected to many problems including puffiness, dark circles, fine lines etc. Hence, using eye cream is important. 

However, make sure that you apply these on gently, ideally using your ring finger. 


Even though you have already delivered many moisturizing products already to the face, but you cannot have enough of it. Moisturizer ensures that your skin looks supple and has a smooth texture. Diligent moisturizing also helps in delaying the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

So, layer a generous amount of moisturizer in this step. For winters, go for cream-based ones, and in summers, lotions are better. 


During the day, wearing SPF is a must. Sun exposure can lead to multiple skin problems, including fine lines, wrinkles, skin tags, and even skin cancer, which then has you running to the Best Skin Specialists in Lahore

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