The Best Programming Languages for Android App Development

As new technologies emerge on a daily basis, they greatly simplify our lives.
Almost everyone has begun to incorporate
them into their daily lives.
A mobile phone is an example of this.
We have developed a mobile addiction.

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We pick up our phones and satisfy our wants with a few clicks,
whether it’s for fulfilling our daily
necessities, ticket booking,
payment transfer, or whatever else we need.

So, we can say that smartphone application
have become an indispensable part of our life,
and all we have to do now is put apps
on them to achieve our goals.


What Is The Best Programming Language For Developing Android Apps?

Let’s look at the details below to see if they may
help you make an informed decision about which
programming language to choose.


Java is an object-oriented programming language
that may be used to create software that
runs on a variety of platforms.
When a programmer creates a Java application, the produced code (also known as bytecode) may operate on a wide range of operating systems,
including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.
Much of Java’s syntax is derived from the
C and C++ computer languages.

What is a Java Platform?

The Java Platform is a set of tools that aid programmers in the development and execution of Java programming applications.
It consists of an execution engine, a compiler, and a collection of libraries. It is a collection of software and specs for computers.
Sun Microsystems developed the Java platform,
which was eventually bought by Oracle Corporation.

2. Kotlin

Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language that works with Java and other languages.
One of its most important aspects is productive programming,
which allows you to reuse code across many platforms.

The concise language design and powerful capabilities of Kotlin make it easy to use.
Rather than introducing new notions,
Kotlin combines programming language characteristics that
have already been shown to be useful
for large-scale applications.

Kotlin has a significant user base throughout the world because of its extensible structure.


C++ programming is infamous for having a high learning curve,
yet investing the effort to master it will benefit your career
and set you apart from other engineers.
You’ll be able to take up new languages more quickly,
develop actual problem-solving abilities, and have a solid foundation
in programming and software engineering.

4. C#

C# is also one of the most popular programming languages for developing android apps.  has a syntax that is quite similar to Java,
and it also has garbage collection that is comparable to Java.
Because has a well-known garbage collection mechanism, there are fewer chances of memory leaks.

Due to a lack of platform support, was unable to establish a strong foothold in Android development.
was first only supported in
.NET framework platforms such as Windows.

5. Python 

Python is another programming language that may
be used to create outstanding Android apps.
However, you can’t provide native features using Python.
In Python, there is a library called
“Kivy” aids in the development of Android applications.
Despite the fact that Python is a sophisticated language,
I would not advocate using it for Android development because it is not as suited as other languages.

6. JavaScript

Most web developers are familiar with JavaScript.
This client-side scripting language is most commonly
used in web development, and
many developers are familiar with it.
There are various frameworks for JavaScript, including React, Vue, and Angular.
These frameworks may also be used
to create Android apps.

React Native and Ionic are two good examples of this, both of which employ Javascript, HTML, and CSS to allow you to create cross-platform apps.
If you’re a web developer wishing to
branch out into android programming,
you should choose React Native or Ionic
as your development framework.

7. Lua

Lua is a powerful, lightweight, and embeddable scripting language that supports procedural, object-oriented, functional, and data-driven programming techniques.

is rarely used as a standalone programming
language because its primary purpose is scripting.

Instead, it’s utilized as a
scripting language that may
be embedded (integrated)
into other C and C++-based projects.

Other programming languages are supported
via third-party plugins (NLua/KeraLua for.NET/).


There are many different languages in the world, therefore there are many different languages for developing Android apps. 

Which ones, though, should you study? We’ve produced a list of the top languages for app development in 2022 in this post.

Because it converts to Java bytecode and allows
Java code to be blended with Kotlin code,
Kotlin is swiftly gaining popularity as a programming language.
Kotlin also provides a lot of advantages over
Java in terms of developer appeal.
Because it eliminates redundant runtime tests,
Kotlin is fast enough for mobile devices
and provides smaller executables.

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