The Benefits of Pie Boxes and How to Get Them

Pie boxes are an essential part of getting your artisan pies from the oven to the customer’s doorstep in as perfect condition as possible. What are the benefits of using these boxes? They protect your crust from breakage during shipping and storage. Also they prevent moisture from entering during storage and keep your pie fresh during delivery. They keep your crust from becoming soggy after being wrapped in plastic wrap or newspaper for extended periods of time. And you can even use them for barbecues!

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder more companies are starting to use them instead of traditional packaging options when shipping their products. Let’s explore some information about why you should use them, how to get started using them, and examples of different brands that use this packaging technique.

What are pie boxes, and why do they protect your pie crust?

Simply put, boxes for pies are containers that we use to store and ship pies. While you can use many types of containers, from paper cups to wooden crates, pie boxes are the most common containers for this purpose. Their main purpose is to protect your pie crust from breakage during shipping and storage. When you send pastries through the mail, especially by air, they place them in a box along with other items like clothes and household items. In the box, they can place the pie crust in a separate box or just wrapped in a piece of newspaper or plastic wrap. They can protect your crust from breakage with some careful handling, but the paper or plastic is too thin to protect the pie from getting moisture in and becoming soggy quickly.

They help keep moisture out of your pies while they’re in storage.

Pies are perishable and can spoil if they’re not kept at the right temperature. For about three weeks, you can keep your pies at room temperature, between 40F and 85F. They are safe from spoilage at this temperature, and you can eat them as long as they’re still sealed. However, if you plan to keep your pies for an extended time—for example, if you’re selling them at a farmers market and they need to stay fresh for a few days—you’ll need to keep them in controlled conditions. You can do this with the help of Custom Pie Boxes. They can keep your sweet treats in just the environment that they want.

They prevent sogginess after you wrap your pie in plastic wrap.

Most companies don’t let you keep the plastic wrap on your pies after you’ve sealed them. When you wrap your pies in plastic, you have to throw it away. No good. Then, when you store your pies after wrapping them, they become soggy due to moisture absorption in the plastic. This is bad.

When you use Pie Boxes UK, though, you have the option of keeping the wrap on your pies. That way, they’ll stay protected from moisture and crisp as much as possible. If you keep the plastic wrap on your pies, you also have the option of removing it before eating the pie. This is especially helpful if you’re giving a pie to a friend or family member or if you want to save a slice for later. Remove any excess plastic wrap and you should be good to go.

Pie boxes are eco-friendly and save you money on shipping costs.

Shipping your pastries by truck or plane can be expensive. Many companies charge you on the weight of the items that you are shipping. If you were to ship a few dozen pies, they would most likely weigh more than a few pounds. Which would make them expensive to ship.

 Using Pie Boxes Wholesale instead of traditional shipping methods can save you money. You do not have to ship them in a heavy box, so they don’t have to become hefty. This makes them more eco-friendly and much cheaper than using traditional shipping methods.

Don’t get caught up with the hype: a little knowledge goes a long way.

When you first start researching pie boxes and looking for the perfect brand for your product. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll buy some that aren’t the best quality. There are many brands out there that are using boxes but aren’t doing it right.

 How do you know if they’re using them right? First, you should look for a brand that’s using boxes in their ads. This will help you determine if the brand you want to buy is authentic or just using the packaging technique on accident.

Next, you should check the products’ labels to see what type of packaging they use. If they made the box of corrugated cardboard, you know it’s doing the job right. If you’re still not sure, ask your supplier or contact the brand’s customer service department to find out.

These boxes are very important for your products to reach their destination in as perfect condition as possible, so it’s worth the effort to find out which brand is making them in the best way.

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