Kids Web Safety with the Best Parental Control App

For all the latest technology taken into account, the Internet is still a very vulnerable place, particularly when it comes to maintaining online child protection. It is also the duty of the parents to step in and take responsibility for the problems. Today, as millions of children are actively engaging in distance education, parents may use some of the tips to keep their children safe online.

The internet community is packed with predators. It has become essential for consumers, mainly the parents, to make sure their children are safe on the internet. There are several reasons why you should be educating your children about web safety, and here we have tried to highlight those. The following precautionary measure must be taken to ensure that your little one is safe, let’s have a look;

    • Protect their smart devices
  • Speak to them about internet privacy
  • Keep efficient passwords
  • Block access to social sites
  • Engage them in outdoor sports to avoid the internet

There are so many reasons why you should be aware of online safety and track your kids’ online activities:

Children these days are cyberbullied and being harassed online by predators
Inappropriate activities engagement is the major concern such as pornography, nudity, violence, etc.
It’s difficult to identify child predators who are hidden behind the screen
Invading personal information is an unrecoverable loss
Hacking. Cyber-attacks and identity theft are also included in web threats

Stay Away from Scammers

Scam emails and irrelevant pop-ups are very common on the web. If by chance your kids get into a conversation with them, they will end up taking personal information out. Such emails have files attached to them that cause harm to the device which is also a big concern. Make your kids watch videos and read information about these scams which will be a great help for them. Don’t forget to remind your kids not to click on anything irrelevant or unfamiliar.

Sleep-deprived & Depression

The fear of missing out on something on social media can make your child sleep deprived. Due to that, kids stay awake till late at night and remain active on social media. Which affects their young minds badly and make them an insomniac. An American study tells that a kid using social media 5 hours a day tends to get more depressed than a kid spending less than 2 hours a day.

Identity Theft Chances & Cyberbullying

Every parent wants their children to be safe from cyberbullying as it shatters the confidence of the kid and affects mental health horribly. There are more chances of being a victim of cyberbullying and identity theft on social media as kids get to interact with a lot of people. By using a trustworthy parental control app on your smartphone, you can eliminate the chance of cyberbullying and identity theft of your child.

Many cases have been registered of cyberbullying and harassment around every corner of the world. It is easy to attack children these days under cyberbullying or harassment as many kids have been subjected to date. Unfortunately, a brutal crime like this mostly comes from close relatives or peers and people you might know. The gaming community has spread vastly and it can get heated at any time because players are mostly communicating or chatting. Your kid was online for entertainment but this environment can go toxic and can harm your child’s mental health.

Keep an eagle eye on Apps used by your kids

The latest and most reliable method to get your hands on your kids is to install the best app like the FamilyTime parental control app. Therefore, you can keep your balance between your kid’s web activities and screen time. By using the best parental monitoring app, it’s easier to monitor what they are up to and which app they are using the most. Not only that, you can block or unblock any app whenever you want. Enable the app settings because you want your kids to use those which are safe for them.

For parents in this digital era, setting limits on devices is beneficial. It is also crucial to strike the right screen time balance and provide help when there is a problem. We have to role model as parents the way we use the best parental monitoring app like FamilyTime as well. Although we can set limits and be compliant with guidelines, we need to be more mindful of the smartphone behaviors of our children as well as ours.

There is clearly nothing to rely on a lot on the Internet because our kids are getting more access to it. And they are not mature enough to cater to the risks involved. Yet with your guidance and support, the kids will be safe and will constructively use the internet. Till then, the sound solution is here for you! Install FamilyTime and monitor your kids’ devices the way you want!

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